Uracentron flaviceps and moreeee

November import!!

CANADIAN SALES – PLEASE CONTACT TERRI MORTON at cascadianreptiles@yahoo.com **Canadian people to me may inquire directly to me, however Terri may be quicker to respond for CANADIAN sales **

Costs include EU to me(Toronto), USA export is extra – $200USD up to a 16x11x9 box. If we require to use a bigger box, there will be a small extra charge to cover additional shipping. Cheaper shipping option to USA possible for 2 heads or less
**Canadians, please note costs will be different (even if converted) due to different courier fees involved. Do not base off this list*

1.1 Uracentron flaviceps/Thornytail Lizard (NOTE IMAGE IS OFF GOOGLE AT THIS TIME). Extra female MIGHT be possible. $7500USD/pair

2.2 Diplodactylus furcosus/Stone Gecko $700USD/pair or $685/pair for both pairs

0.0.6 Correlophus sarasinorum/ Roux’s Giant Gecko- White Collar $685USD each

1.1 early 2022 Eurydactylodes symmetricus/Symmetrical Gecko $1400USD/pair

Iranian Fat Tail/Leopard Geckos:
0.0.2 CBB22 Eublepharis angramanyiu Kazerun locale $650USD each
0.0.10 CBB22 Eublepharis angramanyiu Keemanshah locale $400USD each
1.0.1 CBB20/CBB22 Eublepharis angramanyiu Ilam $400USD each

2.5 CB20 Gowidon longirostris/LongNosed Water Dragon $800USD/pair, $550 for 1 female, $1950USD group

5.5 CBB22 Crotaphytus collaris/Collared Lizard – Wichita Mtn $650USD/pair

Contact for info

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