About Us

What is it we do at Northern Lights Reptile Imports? Well, the answer seems simple! We move reptiles and amphibians around the world.

Of course there’s much more to it than moving reptiles from point A to point B, so let me, let you in on a few secrets about us! When we say, we move them around the world, we mean it. We regularly import and export reptiles from Europe to Canada/US and Canada/US to Europe. That’s the simple part of it though, our mission is to do so much more! We do this while we hold ourselves to unmatched standards of care and quality. This is so that everyone involved is able to experience this wonderful hobby in a positive way, and to make sure, that above all, the animals are handled with the utmost care and attention throughout the entire process; from the breeder they begin with, all the way to your hands!

We’re hobbyists too!

As hobbyists ourselves, our business is not driven by sales, or the almighty dollar, it is driven by a deep rooted passion that we want to share with YOU! We encourage diversity in both genetics and species so we can help build a strong base for the future of our animals and our hobby within North America, and ultimately around the world! We seek out breeders with the similar mindset, who are known for the quality of animals they produce and the level of care that goes into them. Everyone involved with the animals along the way, withholds the same values as we do. At the end of the line is you, our customer, we want to ensure that you are more than simply satisfied with your new animal, but that you are armed with knowledge and confidence to grow within the hobby.

Part of learning and growing means that we keep animals in naturalistic enclosures and we love to encourage others to do so as well. By doing so, not only are we providing the best for the animal, but we are continually growing and gathering knowledge along the way.

An added bonus of these beautiful enclosures, is that they open a line of conversation to come from others who may not otherwise realize the greatness that these animals bring to our lives. Through our journey, we have met and continually meet, amazing people, establish new friendships and the most wonderful part is, that while we may live on the other side of the world from each other, we have one thing in common, our love for the animals and the desire to make our hobby better than ever by coming together with a common goal.

We continue to learn every day and relish in every moment a new species comes across our path, the good, the bad, the growth and the wonder of it all. The friendships are truly amazing and bonded by passion. It will never be about the money. It will never be about making the sale, or strictly business. It’s about the personal touch with every experience.

The Team

Ashley Dezan

Hi! My name is Ashley and I am the owner and founder of Northern Lights Reptile Imports. This all started way back before I even knew imports were a possibility. My new found love of Boiga when I was 16 prompted me to search everywhere for one, and finally got one at the age of 17. I realized from there, that the possibilities of other species could be endless!

The only problem was how to get about accessing them. A few years later, at the age of 24, I did my first import from Europe…for more..well, Boiga of course! I then opened it up to friends and eventually decided I can also offer to the public. The reason behind this, to encourage new species to keepers and new lineage for potentially “over bred” species. I truly enjoy the idea that so many people are learning and experiencing new species every shipment; allowing an amazing diversity of knowledge and animals in Canada and USA.

Every reptile deserves to be known, learnt and successfully captive bred. We only source from the best and aim for quality animals to help sustain Canada’s (and USA) ever growing industry and hobby.

Chris Lagewaard

Chris is a fantastic partner of ours that I cannot thank enough! I truly do not know what we would do without him. He helps us prepare before every Hamm show, by helping with sales, exchanges and even during the expo he gathers all the goodies. Hamm is a crazy place that is always jam packed, but he some how manages to get our orders collected, paid and checked over. He is seriously awesome. An amazing asset to NLRI and thrilled he is with us.
He also is an avid reptile keeper who specializes in the genus Boiga, with a countless array of species. If you ever need Boiga in your life...he's the guy!

Brittany Williams

Brittany Williams is owner of Ivory Exotics out of central Florida. She has worked with a little bit of everything over the years, from shoelace stealing kangaroos to a grumpy american croc named Captain Crunch. Most recently she has been working with uncommon colubrid species including Chrysopelea, Drymobius, Langaha and Oxybelis. She also enjoys working with animals that the hobby is still learning about and hope to help others work with these species as well. If you ever have any questions or curiosity about availability in the USA, ask her and she can help you out!

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