UK Availability

I’ll be adding to this list for UK availability. These are not for my main EU shipment
(Varanus gilleni available on a previous post)
10-15x CBB20 Varanus gilleni / Pygmy Mulga- $680CAD each or $630 each for 3+ (Shipping included)

Some Strophurus available from the UK from one of the best higher end breeders.

2.1 Strophurus ciliaris. these are – mostly – unrelated to the majority of stock within EU and North America.
1.0 (black head) for $425CAD
1.1 $1680CAD/pair (These guys are the the best genetics for “unrelatedness”)

1.4 Strophurus spinigerus (proven breeders)  1.4 for $1460CAD or $220 for the male/ $350 for one female SOLD

0.0.6 CBB20 Lamprolepis smaragadina – Solomon Island Locality, so these stay green!
1x for $250, 2x $430 and 3x for $640

1.1 CBB19/17 Crotaphytus collaris collaris “Blazing Blue” $680/pair

***UK to Canada(me) shipping is included for Strophurus , Lamprolepis and Collards only

1.1 LTC Laemanctus serratus, proven breeders. $810CAD/$600USD for the pair – normally pairs are upwards of $1300 in USA as an example 🙂
UK to Canada shipping for other orders would be the following:
1 @ $100CAD
2 @ $185CAD
3 @ $240CAD
4-8 @ $75CAD each
9+ @ $65CAD each
+5% on animal value.

Nationwide shipping and USA export is extra

Contact for info

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We ONLY use Reptile Express International for all of our shipping needs