RARE OFFER!!!! Boiga dendrophila melanota pair

A crazy opportunity popped up for me soooooooo… looking to sell my project.

1.0 Sumatran caught Hypermelanistic/Axanthic WC Boiga d. melanota (YES he is melanota, photo shown of an example of a Sumatran high banded melanota)
0.1 Malaysian B.d.melanota ready to breed next year
1.0 Malaysian B.d.melanota, CBB19 also available. missing part of tail due to surgical removal. A+++ otherwise

Female recently started taking air thawed rodents left overnight in a bowl, I leave 2 live fuzzy mice in for extra enticement. Male eats live fuzzy mice in a bowl(8 of them). Has eaten the odd air thawed mouse with live fuzzies

**B.d.dendrophila are NOT found in Sumatra. Only Java. Sumatran melanota have high bands, similar to my male, however majority do not connect 🙂 I can assure he is melanota. Screenshot photo shown is a Sumatran to show band example

Asking $1600 for the pair, $250 for the small male. $1800 for all 3
Shipping to EU, USA and in Canada is possible

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