Nephrurus Mania!!

Nephrurus!!!! This potential is due to land in approximately 2 weeks. EU to Toronto Shipping is included in price. Pricing is in CAD, email or PM for conversion or check Paypal.

Nationwide shipping with Reptile Express

Added twist. $40 of every Nephrurus sale will go towards conservation efforts (Undecided to which at this time)

4.2 Nephrurus stellatus
$4000 for a pair with the darker and a little bit smaller female
$4450 for a pair with the almost adult and extreme yellow female;
$1200 lone male

3.1 Nephrurus wheeleri wheeleri $2200 pair, male $600
1.1 Nephrurus amyae $2200 pair
1.1 Nephrurus laevissimus $2200 pair

For the list below, females MUST go with at least 1 male

2.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis patternless, het albino CB 2019 $1750 each $2600 all

1.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis Albino Het patternless CB 2019 $2200

1.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis het albino poss Het patternless CB 2017 $600

3.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis het albino, het patternless CB 2019 SOLD

3.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis Poss het patternless albino CB 2019 $450 each $1000 all

0.1 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis patternless albino CB 2019 $3500

0.3 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis poss het patternless albino CB 2019 $1850 each $5100 all

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