MORE Geckos!

EU to Toronto, Ontario shipping included. Nationwide shipping or export is extra.

Pricing is in CAD, due to land in approximately 2 weeks

2.1 Chondrodactylus angulifer CB 2019 (orange/red) $1580/pair $500 male $1900/all
1.0 Teratoscincus keyserlingii CB 2019 $550CAD
3.1 Nephrurus asper CB2019 $6600/pair $1800 male $9200 for all
2,2 Nephrurus vertebralis CB 2019 $1800/pair $750 male, $2800 for all
0.2 Nephrurus stellatus CB2015-2018 $2600for one or $4300 for both
1.1 Nephrurus laevissimus CB 2019 $2300/pair

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