Male Blue Rhino

CBB baby Blue line Rhino Rat snake back up for grabs. (Previously we jokingly call these  Blue Crystal)  These have the potential to turn a brilliant blue color and have passed on for several generations now, and only recently have been offered to the public.

Purchase back out wasnt for any bad reason – just color change impatience.

  • PLEASE understand these snakes do not turn blue at one year old. Not even green rhinos do.  Just like a color spectrum, it is a gradual change over years.  The breeder said at around 4 years old, when fully mature, do they change blue. It goes grey, turquoise/teal(green hints), then blue.  It’s takes a few years to get to this stage.


  • I attached photos of the gradual change. All photos belong to other buyers/breeder. Grey baby photo is of one of the babies I have here with me.


$1600 for this little guy!  Ready and available now. They’re eating live Mouse pinks 🙂

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