Lizards and Geckos!

**I do apologize. NO PHOTOS from this breeder is possible. I can promise good quality! Pricing reflects lack of photos (cheaper) **
Pricing includes EU to me costs. Nationwide and export is extra

Geckoella nebulosa 1,1 $1300/pair SOLD
Geckoella triedrus 1,1 $550/pair ,
Geckoella deccanensis babies $185 each
Pachydactylus latirostris CB 2018 $945/adult pair
Ailuronyx trachyscopaeus babies $395 each
Eurydactylodes occidentalis $750/ pair
E.symmetricus $1850/ pair
Lepidodactylus lugubris adult $50 each
M.chahoua Mainland babies $385 each
Rhacodactylus ciliatus Lilly white babies $580 each
R. leachianus Mt.Koghis babies $925 each
R.l. Nuu Ana babies $825
R.l. Bayonaise babies $825
E.satpuraensis subadult $4400/pair SUPER RARE
E.hardwicki subadult females $400/each
N.wheeleri wheeleri $1100/subadult pair, babies $480 each
N.l.levis $1150/ pair
N.vertebralis babies $570 ,$1150/ pair
Aeluroscalabotes cf.dorsalis $800/ pair
Laemanctus serratus babies $260 each
Dasia vittata babies $110 each
Dasia olivacea babies $80 each
Pseudogekko smaragdinus babies $380 **AMAZING price and Rare*
Phyllurus amnicola $1250/ pair, $450 each babies
Phyllurus caudiannulatus adult males $480

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