June List Starting!

PHOTOS WILL BE HARD TO COME BY.Please dont expect them even if I ask. A+ Quality seller though, just very busy.
0.0.x = many unsexed/babies

0.0.X CB21 Ailuronyx trachyscopaeus $460CAD/each $380USD/each
1.0 Ailuronyx seychellesis $1,132CAD/ $930USD
1.1 Saltuarius kateae $3250CAD/PAIR $2665USD/PAIR
1.1 Saltuarius wyberba $2242CAD/PAIR $1840USD/PAIR
1.1 Eurydactylodes occidentalis $900CAD/PAIR $738/PAIR
0.0.x M.chahoua Mainland $430CAD/each $355USD/each
0.0.x M chahoua Pine Isle F2 $1095.01CAD/each $900USD each
0.0.x Lily White Crested Gecko babies $585CAD/each $480USD/each
0.0.x Red Phantom Lily White Crested babies $670.11CAD/each $550USD/each
2.2 Rhacodactylus leachianus Nuu Anna CB20 $2242CAD/pair $1840USD/pair
1.0 Aeluroscalabotes c.f. dorsalis $365CAD $300USD
3.0 Phyllurus caudiannulatus $437.70CAD/each $360USD/each
0.0.x Cyclodomorphus gerrardi CB21 $348.50CAD/each $290USD each
2.3 Xenodon pulcher juvi’s eating well $387.30CAD/each $320USD/each

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