June Eye Candy!

So we are doing a surprise June shipment.

I will just update the list here with new critters as we go since it isnt going to be a super large shipment. It’s very last minute, to help a customer get a stuck order..so might as well share the shipment 🙂

PRICING IS IN CAD. Conversion is via Paypal only (different rates) or please PM/Email for rate exchange.. USD will be lower cost of what is shown. PLEASE note shipping is extra

1.1 Elaphe carinata 2019 ph double het t+ and albino, $1150 pair
1.0 Elaphe carinata “High black” Adult male proven breeder $680
0,1 Western Forest File Snake (Gonionotophis poensis) 200 grams $550
15x CBB20 Thamnophis sirtalis infernalis $160 each **GONE**
0.1 CB19 Philodryas baroni “Brown” $500
0.2 CB19 Philodryas baroni “Green” $500
1.1 CB19 Madagascarophis colubrinus *dark phase* $380/pair
1.0 WC19 Chironius fuscus $300
7.1 “Blue Crystal” Rhynchophis boulengeri babies (inside joke for the blue crystal part..BUT they will blue as heck) $1850 each. ONE MALE LEFT!! **Note babies from the pairing that produced these have turned blue in the past**

2.4 Crotaphytus bicinctores 1.2 for $600
1.2 Eurydactylodes occidentalis F2 late Cb’19 Male has a regenerated tail tip
$1960 Trio / $1350 pair
1.2 Strophurus taenicauda cb19 $800 pair GONE, $595 lone female.
1.1 Lucasium damaeum cb19 $700 pair
1.0 Nephrurus vertebralis cb18 proven breeder $460
1.1 Saltuarius cornutus CB20 $5760/pair
2.0 Phyllurus amnicola CB19 $380 each
1.1 Pachydactylus rangei $1000 pair GONE
1.2 Eublepharis satpuraensis CB19 $7300 or negotiable
0.0.2 Aeluroscalabotes felinus “Silver eyes” $985 each
X.X Pogona minor (many) CB20 $480 pair
1.2 Acanthosaura nathaliae PROVEN BREEDERS $1400 for all
0.0.5 Corytophanes cristatus CB20 $300 each
0.0.X Gowidon longirositris *SO AMAZING* unsexed babies, can be sexed to 80% accuracy $500 each
1.1 Anolis aequatorialis CB19 $1300
Geckoella nebulosa 1,1 $2200/subadult pair
Pachydactylus latirostris CB 2018 $860/adult pair
Strophurus ciliaris males $250/each
S.spinigerus males $180/each
S.williamsi $450/pair
Eublepharis angramainyu Choga Zanbil $700/ subadult female
E.angramainyu Ilam $400/ subadult female
Eublepharis fuscus babies $575/pair
E. hardwicki babies $550/pair
Ailuronyx trachyscopaeus babies $365 each
Saltuarius kateae CB 2019 $2650/pair
S.wyberba pair CB 2019 $1450 pair
Lepidodactylus lugubris $25/each (shipping is $25 for 5 as well)
R.auriculatus babies $165 each
Underwoodisaurus Milli babies CB 2020 $120 each
Tribolonotus gracillis CB 2020 0,0,6 $180 each
Hemisphaeriodon gerrardi babies $220 each
Tiliqua scincoides intermedia babies $600 each
Nephrurus wheeleri cinctus babies $220 each
N.amyae babies $750 each
6.8 Sphaerodactylus sputator $50/each
2.2 Podarcis s. campestris subadults $95/each
5x Lacerta schreiberi **nice when adults** $180 each

0.3 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis poss het patternless albino CB 2019 $1850 each $5100 all
0.1 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis patternless albino CB 2019 $3500
2.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis Poss het patternless albino CB 2019 $450 each $1000 all
1.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis het albino poss Het patternless CB 2017 $600
2.1 Nephrurus asper CB2019 RTB $6500/pair $2200 for 1 male or $7600 for all 3
0.2 Nephrurus stellatus CB2015-2018 Proven breeder $2500 for one or $4500 for both

package offer:
1.1 Geckoella deccanensis and 1.1 Geckoella triedrus $985

Porcellio echinatus (spiny, Portugal) $65/10 pcs
Porcellio sp. “Morocco” (similar “Barbate”) $57/10 pcs
Porcellio sp. “Provence” $65/10 pcs
Porcellio sp. “Valencia” $57/10 pcs
Venezillo cf. canariensis (Fuerteventura) $57/10 pcs
Armadillidium alassiense $81/10 pcs
Armadillidium granulatum (Paxos) $41/10 pcs
Armadillidium vulgare T-minus Albino $65/10 pcs
Armadillidium vulgare “magic potion” $41/10 pcs
Armadillidium vulgare “Santa Lucia” $49/10 pcs
Armadillidium cf. frontirostre “giant, Croatia” $49/10 pcs
Armadillidium peraccae (Croatia, Krk) $49/10 pcs
Armadillidium cf. peraccae (“Sandstone”/Kotor) $65/10 pcs
Armadillidium cf. peraccae (Korfu, big) $49/10 pcs
Armadillidium corcyraeum $49/10 pcs
Armadillidium corcyraeum “silver” $114/10 pcs
Armadillidium klugii “Slano” $49/10 pcs
Armadillidium klugii “Dubrovnik” $57/10 pcs
Armadillidium gestroi $57/10 pcs
Armadillidium werneri $57/10 pcs
Armadillidium sp. “orange stripe” Sicily $73/10 pcs
Armadillidium maculatum “yellow” $179/10 pcs
Armadillidium sp. “Sicily 2” $81/10 pcs
Agabiformius lentus $49/50 pcs
Cubaris sp. “shiro utsuri $341/10 pcs
Cubaris sp. “panda king” $211/10 pcs
Cubaris sp. “white side” $195/10 pcs
Cubaris sp. “Ao Nang” $162/10 pcs
(ISOPOD SHIPPING IS $25 per culture, 4+ cultures are $15. 5% duty fee applies on animal value)

As always, shipping is extra, + 5% on animal value. Please check out our Services Page for more information. Full payment will be required mid-June.

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