ImperatorMorphs LIST

Probably one of my favorite boa breeders to work with! Tim Eisel over in Germany has dialed in his morphs to be something EXTRAVAGANT. These, high end, high quality boas will certainly add a zing to your collection.

Please understand that shipping is TO BE DETERMINED due to the Coronavirus and airlines putting live cargo to a halt for now. We hope to get this going by the summer.

20% non refundable deposit is required to hold.

Germany to Ontario shipping cost is the following:
Babies: $100
2-3 year old $125
Adults $185
5% of animal value for Canada Customs fee

discount on shipping for multiples.

“IMP” is ImperatorMorph line. Not his morph per say, but fine tuned via line breeding for exceptional color

**VERY IMPORTANT** Exchange rate may fluctuate! If significant enough, the change will be applied to final payment. There will be a 10% discount for full snake payment upfront, and probably the safest bet to not gamble with the exchange rate.

No sexes marked = multiple sexes available. This can change quickly
More photos to come once I get them

Adult boas:

1,0 Albino Leopard **PM for pricing. Unknown at this time**

1,0 Leopard het Albino **PM for pricing. Unknown at this time**

1,0 Albino Motley het Leopard **PM for pricing. Unknown at this time**

1,0 IMP Albino het Blood CB16 $4,000CAD

1,0 Sunglow het Blood CB16 $4,750CAD

1,0 Albino Motley het Blood CB16 **PM for pricing. Unknown at this time**

CB 2018:

1,0 Motley het VPI Snow $825CAD

1,0 Hypo Motley het VPI Snowglow $975CAD

0,1 Motley het VPI $585CAD

1,1 Key West Motley het VPI $2,900CAD each

0,1 Key West Hypo Motley het VPI $3,180CAD

1,0 Sunglow het Leopard $1,380CAD

1,1 Hypo Motley het Albino poss Blood $585CAD each

1,1 Sunglow RLT KW het Moonglow $2,420CAD each

1,1 Hypo RLT KW het Moonglow $1,450CAD each

0,1 RLT KW het Snow $1,300CAD

CB 2019:

1,0 VPI Snowglow $6,150CAD

0,1 Anery het VPI Snow $1,250CAD

Ghost het. VPI Snowglow $1,580CAD

VPI Sunglow het. Snowglow $1,600CAD

1,0 VPI het. Snow $1,300CAD

0,1 Hypo het. VPI Snowglow $820CAD

0,1 DH VPI Snow $650CAD

1,1 Hypo Jungle het. VPI $1,150CAD each

0,1 Jungle het. VPI $800CAD

1,0 Lipstick Red Dragon $11,580CAD

1,1 Lipstick Sun Dragon 1.0 $13,500 / 0.1 $12,400CAD

0,1 Lipstick Sunglow het Blood $4,200CAD

0,1 Lipstick Albino het Blood $3,400CAD

0,1 Blood het. Lipstick Albino $3,400CAD

1,0 Blood Motley het Lipstick Albino $5,240CAD

0,1 Hypo Blood het. Lipstick Albino $4,450CAD

1.1 TH Lipstick Sun Dragon $1,250CAD each

1,0 DH Lipstick Red Dragon $820CAD

0,1 IMP Sunglow het. Leopard $1,250CAD

1,1 IMP Albino het Leopard 550 $925CAD each

0,1 IMP Aztec het. VPI het Leopard $6,050CAD

0,1 IMP Hytec het. Habanero aka het VPI Sunglow Leopard $7,250CAD

0,1 IMP TH Habanero aka VPI Sunglow Leopard $3,880CAD

0,1 IMP DH VPI Leopard $2,620CAD

IMP Quad Het Lipstick Sun Dragon Leopard $2,925CAD

1,0 IMP Triple Het Lipstick Red Dragon Leopard $1,980CAD

Moonglow Motley $1,800CAD

IMP Eclipse het. Albino $2,200CAD

IMP Hypo Eclipse het. Albino $2,850CAD

IMP Sunclipse $4,050CAD

IMP Albino Eclipse $2,560CAD

Hypo Leopard het. Albino $2,050CAD

IMP Albino Leopard $1,880CAD

0,1 IMP Sunglow Leopard $2,920CAD

1,0 IMP Motley het. Albino Leopard $660CAD

IMP Hypo Motley het. Sunglow Leopard $985CAD

IMP Leopard het. Albino $1,140CAD

IMP Albino het. Leopard $1,080CAD

0,1 Labyrinth Motley het VPI $6,050CAD

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