House Snake List

Shipping EU to me(canada) included. Nationwide or export to USA is extra

0.1 Blue Eyed $600CAD/$480USD each
1.2 het Blue Eyed $325CAD/$260USD
1.1 het Speckled Albino $195CAD/$156USD
2.2 Boaedon lineatus $175CAD/$140USD
5.5 Green House Snakes $175CAD/$140USD
4.4 Black Congo $190CAD/$160USD
5.5 Black Arusha $175CAD/$140USD * *color hues vary per clutch**
1.2 het Albino $125CAD/$100USD
0.1 Albino $175CAD/$140USD
Check out previous ad for Red Kenyan x poss het albinos!

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