Extra Epic list for Lizard Keepers

CANADIAN SALES – PLEASE CONTACT TERRI MORTON at cascadianreptiles@yahoo.com **Canadian people to me may inquire directly to me, however Terri may be quicker to respond for CANADIAN sales **

Costs include EU to me(Toronto), USA export is extra – $200USD up to a 16x11x9 box. If we require to use a bigger box, there will be a small extra charge to cover additional shipping. Cheaper shipping option to USA possible for 2 heads or less
**Canadians, please note costs will be different (even if converted) due to different courier fees involved. Do not base off this list**

45x T.s.chimaerae / Chimera Blue Tongue Skink $200USD each
0.0.x Pogona henrylawsoni / Rankins Dragon 50 $150USD each, discount on 5+


Canadians – NO PROBLEM, order away, **CITES permit charges apply, will be divided among buyers**

USA – We will be attempting CITES III re-export permits to USA!! If you are interested in this venture, please inquire. Until we know for sure, this is an AT BUYERS RISK situation. However, Canadian CITES to USA should not pose any problems. **CITES permit charges apply, will be divided among buyers**

2.2 CBB22 Anolis e.potior $2650USD/pair
3.6 CBB22 Tiliqua nigrolutea/Lowland Blotched Skink $2700USD each, $2550USD each for 2+
34x CBB22 Tiliqua s.scincoides/Eastern Blue Tongie $600USD
10x CBB22 Tiliqua s.intermedia/Northern Blue Tongue $500USD
2.2 CBB22 Egernia epsisolus/Eastern Pilbara Spiny Skink 6900USD/pair **includes permit cost
1.1 CBB22 Egernia depressa/ Pygmy Spiny Skink $4500USD/pair

Contact for info

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We ONLY use Reptile Express International for all of our shipping needs