ESTABLISHED Chironius scurrulus pair

So, with heavy contemplation, and some life changes happening…I’m considering letting my young pair of C.scurrulus go. YES, the cost is high, however these are well established, LTC animals that won’t flip upside down and die like fresh imports. With the sale, I will provide my “frog sausage” recipe as well for ease of feeding. It consists of frog legs (several stores can provide this) and other whole prey items. These are not snakes to touch or hold. They do stress easily. PLEASE give them a well designed/covered enclosure. You will have my “life time” support in helping where I can. I won’t ghost you with questions you may have.

Asking $1100/pair for them. Female is a bit younger, still green. Male is going through color change now. NO negotiation. Canada or USA is fine

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