Pseudoxenodon sp

Pseudoxenodon sp
Bamboo Snake, Chinese False Cobra, Big Eyed Snake

VERY strict temperature range. 68-78f. Night time can have temporary drops to 65f or so.

Sunblaster or Arcadia HO LED and low UVB. Shade dweller or 6% Arcadia , alternatively Vivtech Sursun “First Call”.

40-60% average. Have options for 70-90% humidity (hides)

OBLIGATE frog eaters. Whole frogs only. No fake frogs, frog legs, no mice… WHOLE only. They do readily accept frozen/thawed. **NOTE ON FROGS** Some can be toxic! RESEARCH before feeding.

3x2x2 MINIMUM. Ideally, 4x2x2+
Style of enclosure: Extremely dense foliage. Fern heavy is ideal as they are a temperate forest species. Half buried cork round for humid and cool hides. Also offer moving/running stream-like water to encourage drinking as they do not drink from standing water.

Special notes:
Very shy and secretive. They have extremely mobile and large rear fangs. Do not handle them due to high stress. This genus as a whole does very poorly in captivity and needs extreme daily TLC for over a month and NO sterile QT. The stress will guarantee a dead snake. Temperatures above 80f long term will lead to death. Many imports come in severely dehydrated and weak. Do NOT force feed or offer whole prey at this time. They MUST have their body slowly re-acclimated to normal function. SubQ Saline and special formulated slurry are often required for several weeks. Parasite treatments will be required for flukes and other internal worms due to being a frog eater. Absolutely do not begin treatment until snakes are healthy and more settled in captivity(+/- 4 weeks). Do expect to lose some individuals despite all efforts. They are extremely sensitive to change and stress of all kinds.

Common Mistakes:
Keeping too hot and/or humid along with lack of air flow often promotes problems like swollen duvernoy glands, eyes and face. Easily susceptible to respiratory infection as well in these conditions. Bins are highly advised to not be used. Habitat requirements are just not feasible.

HIGHLY advised against it.

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