Bulls and Beauties

Animal cost, EU to me shipping and 5% duty fee included in price below. Nationwide shipping and export to USA is extra

1.0 Hypo 100% het. Axantic poss. Het.albino $715CAD

1.2 kingsville red 100% het. Axantic 66% het patternless 1.2 for $980CAD

1.0 hypo Whitesided $710CAD

0.1 Trumbower Hybino 100% het. Whitesided $710CAD


2018 1.1 100% het. Star Lavender $950CAD,- for the pair!

2.2 Orthriophis/ Blue Beauty. 1.1 from the Netherlands and 1.1 from France.
1.1 $600CAD- 2.2 for $950CAD

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