Borneo Lizard Treasures – April Import

Canadians, please note costs will be different (even if converted) due to different courier fees and exchange rates involved.

NOTE THESE ARE VERY LAST MINUTE OFFERS. 50% upfront and 50% in 2 weeks is required.

GORGEOUS pairs of Sarawak locality Gonocephalus doriae (Doria’s angle-headed lizard). These stay smaller than the abotti. They’ve had internal treatments and only the best will come over.

$2400USD/pair or $2200USD/pair for 2.2+

$2900CAD/pair or $2700CAD/pair for 2.2+

Sarawak locality Aeluroscalobotes dorsalis (Borneo Cat Geckos), lots of variation! Several pairs available, and females.

$600USD/pair or $500USD/pair for 2.2+, females are $350USD each

$700CAD/pair or $625CAD/pair for 2.2+, females are $425CAD each



NON-CITES Costs include EU to me(Toronto), USA export is extra-(includes USFW inspection, paperwork and shipping PER buyer)

Boxes up to 19 x 10 x 8″ =$230USD

20 x 15 x 9″ =$245USD

19 x 14 x 13″ =$266USD

26 x 20 x 10″ =$339USD

30 x 16 x 10″ =$323USD

Cheaper shipping option to USA possible for 2 heads or less, but longer transit time.

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