Boigapocolypse a la Russia (and more)

More Russia!  Price is inclusive RU to me.  Nationwide and US export is extra
Due to land June/July


B.d.melanota – 0.2 $472CAD/$380USD GONE

B.d.gemmicincta – 5.2 $329CAD/$265USD, price for group $1795CAD/$1436USD.

B.d.gemmicincta het. albino – 0.4 $1060CAD/$848USD

B.d.gemmicincta albino – 0.2 $2719CAD/$2180CAD

B.d.multicincta (Palawan, Philippines) – 6.2 $894CAD/$720USD for male, price for group 2.1 $2605CAD/$2084USD

B.d.divergens “het axanthic”(Philippines) – 0.1 $2132CAD/$1705.60USD GONE

B.d.divergens (Polillo Island, Philippines) – 3.4 $1931CAD/$1544.80USD

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