6x CBB baby Blue line Rhino Rat snake back up for grabs. (Previously we jokingly call these Blue Crystal)  These have the potential to turn a brilliant blue color and have passed on for several generations now, and only recently have been offered to the public.

PLEASE understand these snakes do not turn blue at one year old. Not even green rhinos do.  Just like a color spectrum, it is a gradual change.  It goes grey, weird green, turquoise/teal(green hints), then blue.  It may take a few years to get to this stage. Previous clutches have taken roughly 1.5-2 years for obvious color change.

(3) MALE PRESALES ONLY FOR NOW!!!!  Pending info on females. More males probably available (ONLY TO BE SOLD WITH MALES)

$1600USD each male/ Canadians please email

Payment Plans are doable (within reason)

Nationwide shipping and export is extra

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