3x Guerrero Drymarchon melanurus rubidus

LAST CALL for new blood lineage

Gorgeous Guerrero rubidus! I had a small batch come last time and colors were out of this world! Ranging from light pink to dark red on black.

$1850CAD each or $1500USD each (shipping included for EU to Canada)

Any sex you need is available. 3 left (I have several coming, and can get whatever sex from it)

We also were offered an adult male WC White Throat rubidus with part of his tail missing (no effect on hemipenes) $1400CAD/$1050 for him, plus shipping (Last 2 photos)

**They will be wild caught, (legal with permit proof if you need to see), so buyer is at full risk of wild caught standards. They have come in fine in the past, and should be good but I cannot guarantee any refunds or replacements from the seller due to the sensitivity of WC individuals during shipment.

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