Leopard Gecko package

Following sub adult – adults Leopards available

1.0 High Contrast Tremper Albino **MUCH brighter in person**
0.1 Extreme Emerine
1.0 Super Snow

Morphs we are not 100% sure on (Originally bought as “wholesale morphs”)
1.0 Enigma poss Eclipse?? Enigma something for sure

1.0 Super Snow Paradox/Chimera something. WEIRD BOY. Hatched out Super Snow and then developped bright yellow and orange tail stripes. Head and tail has snow pattern

1.0 Normal ?
0.1 Normal
0.1 Tangerine poss other?
0.1 Patternless Carrot Tail

Asking $780CAD for ALL or best reasonable offer. You are essentially only buying the first 3 morphs, rest free at this price!
Nation wide shipping is extra

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