1.3 Drymobius margaritiferus

Available for both Canada and USA
1.3 Speckled Racers are up for grabs. 1.2 are fairly newer/establishing and 0.1 is acclimated well with me. I decided these 4 do not suite the group I have already.
**I apologize for the yellow “stripey” photo of the planted enclosure one. the LED light + screen caused some funky stripes.

1.1 for $800CAD (Newer + newer)
1.1 for $1000CAD (Newer + acclimated)
1.2 for $1350CAD (All “newer”)
1.3 for $1500CAD for whole group

-Male is the one in shed-

Currently newer ones are eating thawed geckos/occasional fish and fuzzy mice. VERY easy to switch over to other foods. Takes a few offerings (left in enclosure for the day) and they eventually take.
Acclimated takes everything.

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