1.1 Pseudoxenodon macrops *READ CAREFULLY*

I have 3.3 wild caught macrops coming, 2.2 tentatively for myself and 1.1 will be available ONLY to the right person!!!

You MUST fit the following critera:

They like cool, humid conditions – usually they are found around shallow streams – so I would keep them in a glass or custom built setup with a mesh lid ot heavy ventilation (so the air does not stagnate and temperatures stay low).For substrate, large,smooth round gravel (about 1-2″ of diameter mostly), eco earth or dirt as well. Substrate layer MUST be kept dry! Maybe make a reservoir underneath like dart frog people do, to help hold water and humidity while keeping the top dry.

They are shy and secretive, so would require plenty of cover. They seem to favour plant cover over “hard” cover like stones and pieces of bark, so as well as providing these I would plant something like Ficus pumila directly into the ground. This plant grows very quickly and can carpet the bottom of the setup very quickly in these kinds of conditions. You could also have a layer of sphagnum moss covering at least part of the bottom to provide more cover and humidity.

Do NOT touch the snake unless required. They can die from handling stress. I do encourage UVB, due to their diet.

9/10 they only eat live frogs. So make sure you can supply that for yourself. Do NOT try and put them on a rodent diet. Birds or fish, maybe, but unlikely they will take.

My recommendations:
68-73f ambient
IF you prefer a hot/basking spot.. 78-80f
60-80% humidity
High ventilation
Live frogs/tadpoles possibly
Do not touch.

Now that you got through all of that, Im asking $500 for the pair.

Unfortunately, no guarantees on them.

Photos are of some I’ve kept in the past. I do not know the color phases coming in. Some yellow, some red, some black, some ish green

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