Lytorhynchus diademia -Awl Heads and Moilensis!!

Awl Headed Snakes! *WILL BE SEXED*
These are A++ WC individuals. $60CAD each or 40 euro each. $50 each or 32euro each on 3+ (Canada to EU shipping is 20e each)
These will be lizard and/or rodent eaters. Apparently easy to transition if not eating rodents yet

R. moilensis – Egyptian False Cobra *WILL BE SEXED*
-these are rearfanged!- $200CAD/each or 120 euro each (Canada to EU shipping is 35euro on these)
Moilensis will eat anything you offer for the most part. PLEASE do not feed rodents every week if you feed rodents to them. Make sure it’s a less frequent schedule in that case. They get fat easily


Nationwide shipping is extra for Canada. Coming here in August!

EU Export is for September.

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