CBB Abronia, Abronia… MORE Abronia! (August)

I do prefer that these stay in Canada, as my Abronia experience is limited for long-term babysitting. More will be available of these species later to be able to pair up.
Costs include EU to me shipping fee. FedEx is extra if required

Animals are for August shipment. IF CITES permits are delayed, possibly fall

0,1 Abronia lythrochila $1750CAD

0.0.6 Abronia lythrochila $1450CAD

0.0.6 Abronia martindelcampoi $2700CAD

0.0.5 Abronia deppi “Morelos” $2800CAD each, $2600 each for 3+  **HOT SHIT!**

0.0.7 Abronia aurita $2600CAD each

0.0.4 Abronia vasconcelosi $2600CAD each

1.1 Abronia mixteca adult $2,800CAD/pair

1.1 Abronia teaniata $2200CAD/pair -SOLD-

Slight discount on multiples possible.

Google photo got A. deppi used for banner to display the species**

Contact for info

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