Our Pricing

EU(Hamm) to Canada
1@ $125
2@ $220
3@ $245
4+ @ $75 each

EU(Hamm) to USA
1@ $85
2@ $150
3@ $195
4+ @ $50 each

** The per unit price only covers shipping from EU to Canada. Shipping costs to USA are separate and noted below.

Canada to USA
(Flat rate up to a 16”x9”x11” box)

North America to Hamm
1@ 100euro
2@ 175euro
3@ 240euro
4+ 65euro each
10+ please contact

** This price only covers shipping from Canada to EU.
Import costs from USA to Canada is $30 up to 4 animals, plus 5% on animal value.
Tinley Expo pick ups do not follow the $30/4 heads.
For more than 4, or Tinley pick up please contact us.

** We offer discounted rates for sellers who sell 10+ animals. Contact us for information.

Pricing above is for Snakes up to 4’ (bigger is OK for slender arboreals) and Lizards up to 2’. Contact us for pricing on larger individuals.

For USA purchases, please contact for information in regards to our USA to Canada import rates

We also do imports from NiceGuyExotics in the UK for Varanus! Please contact for details. Pricing above does not apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your service cost, and what do you offer?

Please refer to our to our pricing table above. We offer the lowest prices available

Can I source my own animals?

Absolutely! However, before purchase please contact us to ensure they comply with both import and export laws.

Can I bring in a CITES listed animal?

Currently we are not doing CITES regularly. Only on special requests. Please contact us for information.

How do I know if an animal is CITES listed?

CITES as a complete list here on their website. However, sometimes genus names are old but still synonymous to another. If you are still unsure, please contact us!

What if I cannot pick up my animal or receive it from you immediately?

No worries! We can house your reptile temporarily if needed. However there will be a small fee depending on the species.

For any other questions or concerns, please refer to our Terms of Service

Trusted Partnership

We ONLY use Reptile Express International for all of our shipping needs