Podarcis and Lacerta!

CBB juvi (mostly) European lizards! Good discount on the entire lot!
EU to Canada SHIPPING is included in cost

PHOTOS of adults and various others, not all species shown*

0.0.10 Timon pater $140 each
0.0.8 Timon lepidus x nevadensis $140 each
0.0.6 Podarcis siculus klemmeri **BLUE as adults** $250 each or $225 each for 3+
0.0.14. Podarcis s siculus $165 each
2.2.13 Podarcis s campestris juvi -$140 each (red belly) adult $175 each
0.0.3. Lacerta t trilineata (blue flanked) $200 each, all 3 for $190 each
0.0.11. Lacerta t trilineata $165 each

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