We’re Offering up some extraordinary animals

We work with many wonderful breeders and companies and through them can offer amazing and rare animals.

3.2 CBB20 boulengeri!

3.2 CBB Rhino Rat Snakes – pending sale-
Currently on fish, but slowly transitioning onto scented pinks

$1650CAD/$1350USD for all 5, shipping from EU to me included.

Or – $385CAD/$308USD each . Females MUST go with males

Nationwide and US export is extra

Contact for info


STUNNING PAIR!!!!!!! FIRST EVER VISUAL AVAILABLE!!! And only the 3rd het available (and only has been 2 months for the first ones)
1.0 100% het Axanthic
0.1 VISUAL Axanthic
both CBB20

$6500CAD/$5200USD SHIPPING INCLUDED TO YOUR DOOR. Payment Plan is possible


Photo order:
FEATURED IMAGE – older sibling to show color change

2nd photo – Visual Axanthic female available (note the muted yellow)

3rd photo – 100% het male (one of the couple coming)

4th photo – mom

Contact for info

Vertabralis and greeri

0.1 CBB15 Pituophis vertabralis $320CAD/$255USD
1.0 CBB19 Lampropeltis m. greeri $285CAD/$230USD

Shipping from EU to me is included. Nationwide and US export is extra (check services page for info on US)

Contact for info

Kings, Milks and a Green Rat

So we have some gooodies for December import.

SHIPPING EU TO ME IS INCLUDED! 🙂 Nationwide shipping and export is extra (Export to USA is $260CAD/$190~USD* MORE INFO ON SERVICES PAGE)

– 1.0 Western Green Rat Snake $500CAD/$400USD
– 0.2 Splotched Sinaloans $360CAD/$288USD each or $330CAD/$264USD each for both

“A” group – $350CAD/$280USD each
2+ $320CAD/$255USD each

“B” group – $420CAD/$336USD each
2+ $385CAD/$310USD each

“C” group – $500CAD/$400USD

Contact for info

Last Minute Malaysia

PRICING IS IN CAD. Multiply  CAD cost x 0.80 for current USD conversion

Shipping from EU to Canada is included. Nationwide and US export is extra.

This is for December import! 25% required to hold. Will need orders by Monday.


  WILD CAUGHT                                                      EACH / 10 + (each)

Cat eyed gecko / Aeluroscalabotes felinus              $155 / $135

Dusky earless agamid / Aphaniotus fusca              $115/ $90

Green crested lizard / Bronchocela cristatella       $70/ $50

Slender toed gecko / Cyrtodactylus consobrinus  $90/ $70

Slender toed gecko / Cyrtodactylus elok                 $150/ $135

 Slender toed gecko / Cyrtodactylus pulchellus     $95 /$80

Abbot’s crested lizard / Gonocephalus abbotti     -CHECK PREVIOUS AD-

Green eyed gecko / Gekko smithii                            $145/$115

Bell’s angle-headed lizard / Gonocephalus belli    $110/ $87

Great angle lizard / Gonocephalus grandis            $90/  $70

Robinson’s dragon / Gonocephalus robinsonii       $120/ $98

Malaysia flying gecko / Ptychozoon spp                $110/  $87



Bluntheaded  snake / Aplopeltura boa                 $230

Dog toothed cat snake / Boiga cynodon               $260/ $220

White spotted cat snake / Boiga drapiezi             $260/ $220

**Drapiezi MAY come as benkuluensis

Jasper cat snake / Boiga jaspidae                          $260/ $220

Mangrove snake / Boiga melanota                        $260/ $220

Black headed  cat  snake / Boiga nigriceps          $260/ $220

Paradise flying snake / Chrysopelea paradisi     $335 rare!

Striped bronzeback / Dendrelaphis caudolineatus $115/ $95

Elegant bronzeback / Dendrelaphis formosus         $195/ $165

**May come as cyanochloris or kopsteini

Painted bronzeback / Dendrelaphis pictus                $90/ $70

Redtail green ratsnake/ Gonyosoma oxycephalus  $250/ $210

Keeled slugeating snake / Pareas carinatus               $195/ $175

White bellied rat snake / Ptyas fusca                           $550    rare!


Contact for info

Uncommon Gem! Gonocephalus d. abbotti

BEAUTIFUL, and uncommon WC Gonocephalus doriae abbotti.

$2350CAD/$1850USD per pair, shipping EU to Canada included

Photo credit to Matthijs from Reptiles4All. Animals pictured are from previous import.

Contact for info


Any ads below this are no longer viable!

All new ones for December are above! 🙂

Contact for info

Pry From My Cold Dead Hands

Literally the title^ I’m most probably wanting to keep these.. BUT if someone insists.. I will let these bad boys go. **PHOTOS FROM BREEDER**

1.1 100% het Axanthic Boiga dendrophila divergens. FIRST EVER OFFERED! Babies are showing a heck of a nice crisp blue already, so I’m sure once visuals are produced, those light blues and whites will REALLY pop. Much nicer than mom’s colors I am sure.

Babies from clutch shown, before first shed (they’ve shed since and much nicer now) and also a photo of mom

$6000 for the pair! Shipping included to your door in Canada and USA.
These are a “convince me to sell them because I want them still” lol 🙂

Contact for info

Borneo Gonyosoma oxycephalum with a twist



1.1 CBB babies of these Borneo locality G.oxycephalums!

$700CAD/$525USD each for them. They may need some feeding assistance still, otherwise they would be a higher cost.

These have not been introduced yet to the hobby – at least to my knowledge –

Males are more colorful,seemingly with a bronze head, dark blue/green neck and green/blue flanks and dorsal. Lower flanks are bright yellow with a blue/grey tail

Females overall are bronze head, greenish neck, yellow body with blue tipped scales and bluish tail

All babies start out green/blue
Mom and baby pictured.

Contact for info

Russia 3.0

The last of the Russia stuff before we do import (hopefully end of month)

Shipping from RU to me is included. Nationwide/export to USA is extra
Pricing is each*

Bufo marinus СB 3cm+ 0.0.100+ $20CAD/$15USD
Melanophryniscus klappenbachi CB 1,5cm 0.0.100+ $100CAD/$75USD each or 3+ for $85CAD/$65USD each
Peltophryne peltocephala*SUPER COOL* CB 5-6 cm 0.0.30+ $65CAD/$50USD
Bufo debilis 1,5-2 cm 0.0.100+ $45CAD/$34USD

Mniarogekko chahoua CB 2-3 months 0.0.6 $425CAD/$318USD
Eublepharis angramainyu ILAM CB 1-2 months 0.0.10 $220CAD/$165USD
Aeluroscalabotes dorsalis 1-2 months 2.2 $300CAD/$225USD each (pairs only)
Heterodon nasicus ALBINO 1-2 months 12.6 $200CAD/$150USD
Pituophis catenifer “Het.Alb.” 1-2 months 6.6 $150CAD/$112.50USD
Pituophis catenifer “Albino” 1-2 months 2.2 $200CAD/$150USD
Orthriophis taeniura yunnanensis 1-2 months 6.5 $135CAD/$95USD
Lampropeltis triangulum sinaloae 1-2 months 4.5 $100CAD/$75USD
Elaphe climacophora KUNASHIR 1-2 months 2.2 $175CAD/$130USD
Elaphe climacophora “albino” 1-2 months 2.3 $200CAD/$150USD
Elaphe sauromates 4-5 months 3.2 $210CAD/$157USD
Elaphe dione “striped” 3-4 months 3.2 $145CAD/$109USD
Elaphe dione “yellow” 3-4 months 2.2 $145CAD/$109USD

Contact for info

Lampropeltis Shenanigans

Mexican Black Kings $285CAD/$214USD each, or all 8 for $255CAD/$192USD each
Hypo campbelli $255CAD/$192USD each or all 8 for $210CAD/$158USD each
Halloween campbelli $255CAD/$192USD or all $210CAD/$158USD each
Leopard thayeri $350CAD/$263USD each or all 5 for $295CAD/$222USD each
Mex mex striped line $350CAD/$263USD each or all 4 for $310CAD/$233USD each

Shipping EU to Canada included, Nationwide/Export is extra
All are currently CBB20 unsexed until further notice

Contact for info


1.1 Baubel Line – $645CAD/$485USD for pair, EU to me shipping included
3.3 Santa Rita $580CAD/$435USD for a pair, EU to me shipping included
1.0 Sentz Hypo $585CAD/$440USD, EU to me shipping included
1.0 Applegate $585CAD/$440USD, EU to me shipping included

Nationwide and USA export is extra

Contact for info

Granite and Ultra Granites!

2 male Granites available and 2 female Ultra Granites!

males – $200CAD/$150USD each EU to me included

Females – $280CAD/$210USD and $325CAD/$244USD each, EU to me included . higher priced one is the “featured image” above of this ad.


Nationwide and export is extra

Contact for info

Italy shipment incoming October

This will be a shipment coming from Italy in October! 🙂

Extreme Red Mandarin Rat Snakes!! starting out with 5.5, possibly more to come!
$1400/pair ($1050USD) – Shipping EU to Canada included in the price.
These BRIGHT red Mandarins start out with red hues and turn into a fire engine red snake, that is truly, exactly how you see them in the photos. Seen it myself several times, and blows my mind away every time! The first 3 juvi photos are of growth from a previous buyer (Rob Shea). More photos towards the end.

Extreme Red x Extreme Red Patternless Red Forest Rat Snakes (E.conspicillatus) 2.2
$2250CAD/$1670USD pair
These start out BRIGHT apple red and turn into a beautiful pastel red color.

Extreme Red Patternless Red Forest Rat Snakes (E.conspicillatus) 1.1
$2650CAD/pair ($1990USD)- Shipping EU to Canada included.
These start out BRIGHT apple red and turn into a beautiful pastel red color, and no pattern

Elaphe carinata 100% het hypo and 66% het hypo TBD on sexes
$1600CAD/$1200USD pair for 100% hets and 66% hets for $800CAD/$600USD pair
Photos of clutchmates, visual baby hypo and adult as example

Elaphe carinata 66% DH T+ and T- Albino TBD on sexes

Nationwide shipping in Canada and export to USA is extra

Contact for info


PRICING IS IN USD. For CAD conversion do USD cost x 1.35 (example: $100 x 1.35 = $135CAD)

Tentatively looking at end of September.Everything is CBB 🙂
Please note availability will be changing quickly. Not everything pictured is available.

Shipping is $100 for 1, $175 for 2, $200 for 3, 4-10 $60 each 11+ $50 each
+5% on animal value **new price structure for Russia, will be applied to everyone*
Nationwide and Export to USA is extra

Species – Variation –Price is EACH
/2.0 = 2020 ~ 2.0/ = 2019 ~ 2.2 / 3.3 = 2019/2020

Dinodon flavozonatum $185 / 2,0
D. meridionale $180 / 1.0
D. rosozonatum $220 / 5,4
D. rufozonatum Albino type I (orange) $300 1,0 /
Albino type II (bloody) $345 6,3/ 5,7
Het. Alb. II $120 0,6 /
Het. Albino I & II $120 1,1 /
66% Het. Albino I & II $80 2,4 /
Hypomelanistic I $220 4,1/ 1,1
Het. Hypo. I $100 2,4 /
Hypomelanistic III $200 2,3 /
Het. Hypo. II & IV $110 / 1,0
Het. Toffee Tangerine I $100 2,4 /
Toffee Tangerine II $230/ 2,0
Het. Toffee Tangerine II $100 / 1.4
Het. Toffee Tangerine I & II $120 4,2 /
Het. Red Piebald $100 2,3 / 1,1
Het. Red Piebald & Leucistic $120 3,0
Het. Dusty Rose $100 / 0.2
Het. Leopard $100 / 2,3
Normal $90 1,1 /
D. septentrionalis $180 / 4,5

Elaphe dione
Red Variant
Brownish $85 5,4
Bright $120 5,5
Flame $150 4.4

Super Red Variant
Bright $130 3,1 SOLD
Flame $165 4,0 SOLD

Hypo. Khabarovsk Variant
Hypo. Khab. $280 3,3
Hypo. Khab. Rose $320 1,0
Het. Hypo. Khab. $150 0,3

Melanistic Variant
Far East $125 3,6

Albino T-
Albino T- $160 7,0
Het. Alb. T- $90 1,0

“Situla” Variant
Low Expression $100 2,0
High Expression $260 5,4

Crazing Variant
Crazing Gold~Reddish $480 6,6
Crazing Red~purplish $500 1,0

Albino T+ Variant
Albino T+ 350 7,4
Het. Alb. T+ 110 3,6

Beijing Line $90 5,6

Yellow $60 1,3

Bright Yellow $100 SOLD

Halo Low Expression $60 2,3

Tenebrosa Variant
Unicolor Chocolate $75 3,0
Reddish $100 3,3
Red Bright $250 1,1 SOLD
Olive $220 1,0

“Vipera” Variant
High Expression $165 2,2
Reddish $180 2,3
Red / Rose Contrast $200 2,2
Bright Red $280 2,2
“Thamnophis” $155 2,1

Red Striped Variant
Dark $100 1,0
Red Striped $130 1,1

Striped Variant
Striped $65 1,1
Yellow striped $75 0,1
Bright Yellow striped $100 2,3
Red Yellow Striped $130 2,1

Black Mozdok Variant
Black Mozdok $200 4,2
Black Striped $120 4,5
Other Elaphe

Elaphe anomala Albino $125 1,2

E. bimaculata Normal $65 2,5
Striped $100 1,0
Hidden Dots $75 6.1
Red $75 2,3 SOLD

E. climacophora Albino $150 4,4
Kunashir $150 SOLD

E. sauromates
Armenia $125 SOLD

E. schrenckii $125 SOLD

Euprepiophis conspicillatus
Reddish adult $580 2,2

Oocatochus rufodsata $85 2,1

O. p. vaillanti $100 0,1 SOLD

Rhadinophis frenata $280 SOLD

R. prasinum Central Vietnam CB’19 $280 2,0


Boiga ceylonensis $100 1,1

B. cyanea $150 SOLD

B. cynodon
Het. Leucistic $650 0,1
Het. Leucistic [adult] $750 1,0

B. cf. cynodon Philippine
Unicolor Orange / Yellow $600 SOLD
Bright $195 SOLD

B. dendrophila
B. d. dendrophila Normal $150 SOLD
Axanthic $200 SOLD
Caramel $900 SOLD

B. d. divergens $1400 4,4
B. d. gemmicincta $160 SOLD
B. d. latifasciata $750 SOLD
[subadult] $850 1,0
[adult] $900 1,0

B. guangxiensis $155 SOLD
B. irregularis $120 8,6 *CANADA ONLY*

B. kraepelini Various localites
$125 (3,2)
Halo $145 (3,4)

B. multomaculata $100 7,5
B. trigonata $350 3,5

Contact for info

CB Crocodilurus amazonicus

3.3 CUTE baby Crocodile Tegus. 2.2 LEFT!!!

These will be TRUE CB with legitimate CITES/importation paperwork! Only the 2nd time they will be legally imported in. They are eating crickets, worms, fish and snails currently

$17,450CAD/$13,000USD for the pair, CITES permit and importation costs into the country included.
50% is required the best possible as deposit. Will work around it to best of ability if needed, but 50% is recommended to begin paperwork process.

Photos of actual individuals to come. For now, a past individuals from the same breeder 🙂 One photo is of actual babies hatching!

Contact for info

Aurora House Snakes!

3.3 BEAUTIFUL Aurora House Snakes available. CBB20!

Please, pairs only!. 2.2 I will discount to $620CAD/$465USD each

nationwide and USA export is extra


Contact for info

Blue Beauties. Literally!

Hella nice Vietnamese Blue Beauties! These are coming for September – possibly October worst case.

8x available, currently unsexed, but put in your wish list and we will do our best to accommodate.

$320CAD/$250USD each, or $285CAD/215USD each for 2+

Shipping from EU to me is included in this price 🙂
Nationwide shipping or export to USA is extra

SOLD!!!!!! SORRY GUYS! that was fast

Contact for info

0.1 LTC Chironius carinatus

1 female Machete snake available. I estimate her around 2.5 years old. Had her since last summer, eating thawed frog legs, frogs, and unscented day old quail. Also has eaten fish for me. ONLY selling because I have a bigger female.
$350CAD/ 260 euro /$230USD

-do not feed rodents, or very sparingly. They enlarge their heart!-

Shipping is extra for Canada and USA

EU Export is for September. Price is INCLUDED for shipping to Germany

Contact for info

Lytorhynchus diademia -Awl Heads and Moilensis!!

Awl Headed Snakes! *WILL BE SEXED*
These are A++ WC individuals. $60CAD each or 40 euro each. $50 each or 32euro each on 3+ (Canada to EU shipping is 20e each)
These will be lizard and/or rodent eaters. Apparently easy to transition if not eating rodents yet

R. moilensis – Egyptian False Cobra *WILL BE SEXED*
-these are rearfanged!- $200CAD/each or 120 euro each (Canada to EU shipping is 35euro on these)
Moilensis will eat anything you offer for the most part. PLEASE do not feed rodents every week if you feed rodents to them. Make sure it’s a less frequent schedule in that case. They get fat easily


Nationwide shipping is extra for Canada. Coming here in August!

EU Export is for September.

Contact for info

High Expression Blaze Apalachicola Kings

We have the following offer available! These were offered to us as the following:

1.1 Blaze L.g. meansi $150CAD each
1.1 High Expression/Abherant Blaze L.g.meansi $240CAD each

Shipping is extra. Please check our Services page for info

Contact for info

0.1 CBB18 Hypo Key West Motley het VPI

This lovely lady is up for grabs! Tim Eisel of Imperatormorphs produced this gem.

Available for both Canada, and USA (CITES export fees apply). She is already here in Canada so we can ship anytime (for Canada). Payment Plans are doable

Asking $2,835CAD for her

Contact for info

Boiga Goodies!

Amazing Boiga from my NLRI partner over in The Netherlands!

1.1 Boiga cynodon cb2020
Babies from Malaysian wc animals
$720CAD/$540USD pair

0.1 Toxicodryas pulverulenta
LTC young adult female

1.1 Boiga nigriceps cb2019
Babies from red/orange Indo wc animals
$760CAD/$570USD pair

Contact for info

2.2 Gonyosoma jansenii

2.2 CB/CH Gonyosoma jansenii!! These cute olive green babies will turn a beautiful steel grey/tan and black!


$970CAD each or 620euro each.


Contact for info

Bazillion MBKs

If you want 1, 50 or 100… we got you covered!

EUCBB Lampropeltis nigrita
$280 each, EU to me shipping included, 3-9 for $240 each… Buy 10+ and you can get a better discount

Contact for info


OH MY GOSH I have been waiting for this day where I can post this up!!! One of my favorite countries to import from!!! This is just the first little bit available. More to come in the next days! (Dinodon, Boiga, Diones, and more!)
**Shipment is TBD. Guessing fall*

Unfortunately we cannot “pick out” individuals prior to import, however if enough are sold I will allow buyers to pick what they want once they land. First come, first serve.

All photos shown are of past babies, and parents.

If there are LESS females than males, females are not to be sold as singles.

L.g.californiae “high-yellow” 10.8 more expected – $150 each.
L.g.californiae “mix, different pattern ” 10.2 – $100 each.
L.mexicana thayeri 10.9 – $150 each. **similar to photos**
L.alterna 3.4 more expected – $175 each. Discount on 3 +
L.pyromelana knoblochi 4.5 – $175 each. – Discount on 3+
L.pyromelana pyromelana 4.5 – $175 each. – Discount on 3+
L.pyromelana woodini 7.6 – $175 each. – Discount on 3+
L.t. gentilis 6.6 – $135 each. – Discount on 4+

Pantherophis emoryi 6.5 – $135 each.

E.dione “het albino” 2.4 – $125 each.
E.dione “black”, Mozdok 2.0 – $200 each.
E.sauromates (Nikolaev region,Ukraine) 2.1 – $200 each. Discount on all 3
R.prasinus 3.2 – $230 each.

B.dendrophila multicincta 2.0-$685 each

**pending to see if males hatch. Please be prepared for 1.1 incase**
B.dendrophila latifasciata 0.2- $780 each

SHIPPING COSTS (CAD, for USD conversion, cost x .75)
1@ $125
2@ $200
3@ $255
4-8@ $75 EACH
9+ @ $60 EACH
+5% on animal value for Canada Customs Fee

USA export is extra. $260CAD/$190~USD up to a 16x11x9 box

Contact for info

1.1 Pseudoxenodon macrops *READ CAREFULLY*

I have 3.3 wild caught macrops coming, 2.2 tentatively for myself and 1.1 will be available ONLY to the right person!!!

You MUST fit the following critera:

They like cool, humid conditions – usually they are found around shallow streams – so I would keep them in a glass or custom built setup with a mesh lid ot heavy ventilation (so the air does not stagnate and temperatures stay low).For substrate, large,smooth round gravel (about 1-2″ of diameter mostly), eco earth or dirt as well. Substrate layer MUST be kept dry! Maybe make a reservoir underneath like dart frog people do, to help hold water and humidity while keeping the top dry.

They are shy and secretive, so would require plenty of cover. They seem to favour plant cover over “hard” cover like stones and pieces of bark, so as well as providing these I would plant something like Ficus pumila directly into the ground. This plant grows very quickly and can carpet the bottom of the setup very quickly in these kinds of conditions. You could also have a layer of sphagnum moss covering at least part of the bottom to provide more cover and humidity.

Do NOT touch the snake unless required. They can die from handling stress. I do encourage UVB, due to their diet.

9/10 they only eat live frogs. So make sure you can supply that for yourself. Do NOT try and put them on a rodent diet. Birds or fish, maybe, but unlikely they will take.

My recommendations:
68-73f ambient
IF you prefer a hot/basking spot.. 78-80f
60-80% humidity
High ventilation
Live frogs/tadpoles possibly
Do not touch.

Now that you got through all of that, Im asking $500 for the pair.

Unfortunately, no guarantees on them.

Photos are of some I’ve kept in the past. I do not know the color phases coming in. Some yellow, some red, some black, some ish green

Contact for info

Mandarin macularius and more!

5x Mandarin x Electric Mandarin breeding, Temperature sexed female. $185 each.
First 4 photos of these guys. 1 is a parent.

Other Leopards available  TAKE ALL FOR $175!! **Already in Canada originally from EU**

1.0 Enigma poss Eclipse (??)

1.0 Super Snow Paradox/Chimera something. WEIRD BOY. Hatched out Super Snow and then developed bright yellow and orange tail stripes. Head and tail has snow pattern

0.1 Tangerine

0.1 Normal

1.0 Bold Normal

Contact for info

Podarcis and Lacerta!

CBB juvi (mostly) European lizards! Good discount on the entire lot!
EU to Canada SHIPPING is included in cost

PHOTOS of adults and various others, not all species shown*

0.0.10 Timon pater $140 each
0.0.8 Timon lepidus x nevadensis $140 each
0.0.6 Podarcis siculus klemmeri **BLUE as adults** $250 each or $225 each for 3+
0.0.14. Podarcis s siculus $165 each
2.2.13 Podarcis s campestris juvi -$140 each (red belly) adult $175 each
0.0.3. Lacerta t trilineata (blue flanked) $200 each, all 3 for $190 each
0.0.11. Lacerta t trilineata $165 each

Contact for info

Pink Tongue Skinks!

20x unsexed CBB20 Pink Tongue Skinks available.  $280 CAD /each or 4+ at $250 each.

Wholesale available for 8+ *MUST BE STORE ONLY*

Please note photos are STOCK IMAGE off Google

Shipping is extra – please check our Services page

Contact for info

Male Blue Rhino

CBB baby Blue line Rhino Rat snake back up for grabs. (Previously we jokingly call these  Blue Crystal)  These have the potential to turn a brilliant blue color and have passed on for several generations now, and only recently have been offered to the public.

Purchase back out wasnt for any bad reason – just color change impatience.

  • PLEASE understand these snakes do not turn blue at one year old. Not even green rhinos do.  Just like a color spectrum, it is a gradual change over years.  The breeder said at around 4 years old, when fully mature, do they change blue. It goes grey, turquoise/teal(green hints), then blue.  It’s takes a few years to get to this stage.


  • I attached photos of the gradual change. All photos belong to other buyers/breeder. Grey baby photo is of one of the babies I have here with me.


$1600 for this little guy!  Ready and available now. They’re eating live Mouse pinks 🙂

Contact for info

Boiga irregularis

LTC 1.1 Boiga irregularis available

I originally purchased these for my own collection, however they are not the locality I was hoping for.
Female is up for grabs for next shipment (August), male should be as well, but depends on country border openings as they are in 2 different locations. Male will just be at a later date, absolute worst case.

Female is $425CAD EU to me shipping included
Male is $385CAD EU to me shipping included

These are a bit “spicier” than some other Boiga, so please have good hook knowledge

Contact for info

UK Availability

I’ll be adding to this list for UK availability. These are not for my main EU shipment
(Varanus gilleni available on a previous post)
10-15x CBB20 Varanus gilleni / Pygmy Mulga- $680CAD each or $630 each for 3+ (Shipping included)

Some Strophurus available from the UK from one of the best higher end breeders.

2.1 Strophurus ciliaris. these are – mostly – unrelated to the majority of stock within EU and North America.
1.0 (black head) for $425CAD
1.1 $1680CAD/pair (These guys are the the best genetics for “unrelatedness”)

1.4 Strophurus spinigerus (proven breeders)  1.4 for $1460CAD or $220 for the male/ $350 for one female SOLD

0.0.6 CBB20 Lamprolepis smaragadina – Solomon Island Locality, so these stay green!
1x for $250, 2x $430 and 3x for $640

1.1 CBB19/17 Crotaphytus collaris collaris “Blazing Blue” $680/pair

***UK to Canada(me) shipping is included for Strophurus , Lamprolepis and Collards only

1.1 LTC Laemanctus serratus, proven breeders. $810CAD/$600USD for the pair – normally pairs are upwards of $1300 in USA as an example 🙂
UK to Canada shipping for other orders would be the following:
1 @ $100CAD
2 @ $185CAD
3 @ $240CAD
4-8 @ $75CAD each
9+ @ $65CAD each
+5% on animal value.

Nationwide shipping and USA export is extra

Contact for info


Hey everyone!

So we are working on another shipment not related to our main EU shipment. Roughly 2x a year we work along side of Philip Glancy of PhilipNiceGuy Exotics.    This time, we have a new introduction! We are also now allowing nonCITES onto our UK shipment with Philip. However, they will not be on this list. Just a mention more or less


10-15x CBB20 Varanus gilleni / Pygmy Mulga- $680CAD each or $630 each for 3+

10-15x CBB20 Varanus acanthurus/ Yellow Ackie- $300CAD each or $285 for 3+

Nationwide shipping in Canada is extra.

Only Canada please

Contact for info

CBB20 Carphodactylus laevis

1.1 weeeee little baby Carphodactylus laevis.  Cooler kept, humid, semi arboreal geckos. Quite uncommon in the hobby but super cryptic and fascinating!

$5,800CAD/$4,295USD for the pair **EU to Canada shipping included**

Photos are NOT of actual individuals. Species representation only of previous ones we have had come here

Contact for info

CBB20 Netted Dragons

Gorgeous CBB rarities!

(EU to me)  Ctenophorus nuchalis/Netted Dragon CBB20 – due to hatch in a weeks time 5x available, possibly more in 3 weeks.  $1500CAD each (discount on 2+)

**Parents pictured. Males fire up with bright orange heads. Not shown in photo, but google has many**


Contact for info

CBB20 Fujian Elaphe carinata carinata

Gorgeous, locale specific baby King Rats! The origin of parents are from Fujian Province, China.
This particular locality grows into a golden yellow brilliance, almost speckled unlike the more common King Rats. Overall these have a better temper as they age, but still flighty when young.

$500CAD each, or $480CAD each for 2+

Extra shipping applies (check out Services page)

Adults shown below. Many pairs available from unrelated adults 🙂

Contact for info

Psammodynastes and Philodryas

Up to 18 Psammodynastes pulverulentus available for August shipment! Sexes are not known yet however until next month. These will be strong, healthy, wild caught individuals like my last batch. Apparently should have even sex ratios, so you may reserve in pairs, however expect that this might change slightly. Please note, these eat live frogs and lizards only. Otherwise a fairly east to keep species.

$365 for 1 or $350 each for 2. EU to me shipping included. So just nationwide and export to USA is extra. Pricing is in CAD, USD is lower than shown.

We are taking early reservations for CBB20 Philodryas baroni!
Pricing has EU to Canada(me) shipping INCLUDED. So just nationwide/export to USA is extra. Pricing is in CAD, USD is lower than shown below. (CAD x 0.75 approximately)
Sexes are unknown at this time!These are just deposits to be taken for babies due to come.

Blue x Green parent pairing – $425CAD each. Babies will vary and all have a potential to turn blue or turqouise

Green x Green parent pairing – $320CAD each

green x blue parents shown in photo. There will be roughly 30 of each pairing available.

Contact for info


So let’s start August off with some Malaysia, Vietnam and other odds and ends! Pricing is in CAD. USD will be lower than what is shown below.

50% deposit is required for this list

Anything with a * next to the name will have a cheaper shipping rate due to low animal value

Anything in red will mark DEFINITELY for advanced keepers, or are specialist eaters

Gonatodes annularis
Adults $280 each
Babies $200 each

WC below:
Aeloscalabotes felinus/Cat Eye Gecko $135 each
*Aphaniotis fusca/Dusky Earless Agama $85 each
*Bronchocela cristatella/ Green Crested Lizard $50 each
Crytodactylus elok/ Slender Toe Gecko $150 each
Gonocephalus belli/Angle Head Lizard $95 each
Gonocephalus grandis/Angle Head Lizard $80 each
Gonocephalus robisonii/ Forest Dragon $110 each
*Ptychozoon spp/ Flying Gecko $85 each

Aplopeltura boa/Slug Eating Snake $200 each
Boiga cynodon/ Dog Tooth Cat Snake $240 each
Boiga drapiezi/ White Spotted Cat Snake $240 each
Boiga jaspidae/ Jaspers Cat Snake $250 each
Boiga dendrophila(melanota)/ Mangrove Snake $285 each
Boiga nigriceps/Green Headed Cat Snake $250
Chrysopelea paradisi/Paradise Flying Snake $300 each
Dendrelaphis caudolineatus/ Striped Bronzeback $90 each
Dendrelaphis formosus/Elegant Bronzeback $180 each
Dendrelaphis pictus/ Painted Bronzeback $75 each
Pareas carinatus/Snail Eating Snake $180 each
Ptyas fusca/ White Bellied Rat Snake $550 each


Acanthosaura capra/Mountain Horn Dragon $25 each
Calotes emma/ Green Tree Lizard $18 each
Leiolepis spp/Butterfly Agama $55 each
Mabuya macularis/Orange Skink $15 each
Mabuya multifasciata/Sun Skink $15 each
Physignatus cocincinus/ Chinese Water Dragon SMALL $20 each
Takydromus sexlineatus/Long Tail Lizard $8 each INCLUSIVE to me
Rhacophorus leucostymax/Gold Tree Frog $15 each

Ahaetulla nasuta/Asian Long Nose Vine Snake $35 each

FEEDERS (shipping to me is $7 per 10 or $50 per 100):
Hemidactylus frenatus/House Gecko $3.50 each
Occidozyga lima/Floating from $5.50 each
Microhyla pulchra/ Pigmy Frog $5.50 each
Rana livida/ Long Toed Frog $5.50 each

Please check out Services Page for shipping costs from EU to Canada and EU to Canada for USA.
Animals with ( * ) next to their name will be 30-50% less than costs shown.

Contact for info


All ads below this line are no longer available

Contact for info

Masticophis flagellum testaceus

Male Western Coachwhip for sale. This boy with get HOT PINK once mature. I had an unfortunate situation with my female, so my male is up for sale now.
Extremely active and curious, require ALOT of space, pounding back 3x fuzzy mice on stats/tongs.
Photos of parents available upon request. Theyre good looking.

For EU, Canada or USA.
Asking $350CAD + shipping

Contact for info


Heyyy Europe!

I was graciously offered 2.0 Pseustes sulpheurus from USA. These are Captive Hatched,approximately 6 months old..so no relation to current CBB lines. Askin 950 euro each or 1840 for both! This includes shipping to Europe from Canada. Export is likely September

Contact for info


We are taking early reservations for CBB20 Philodryas baroni!
Pricing has EU to Canada(me) shipping INCLUDED. So just nationwide/export to USA is extra. Pricing is in CAD, USD is lower than shown below. (CAD x 0.75 approximately)
Sexes are unknown at this time!These are just deposits to be taken for babies due to come.

Blue x Green parent pairing – $425CAD each. Babies will vary and all have a potential to turn blue or turqouise

Green x Green parent pairing – $320CAD each

green x blue parents shown in photo. There will be roughly 30 of each pairing available.

Contact for info

June Eye Candy!

So we are doing a surprise June shipment.

I will just update the list here with new critters as we go since it isnt going to be a super large shipment. It’s very last minute, to help a customer get a stuck order..so might as well share the shipment 🙂

PRICING IS IN CAD. Conversion is via Paypal only (different rates) or please PM/Email for rate exchange.. USD will be lower cost of what is shown. PLEASE note shipping is extra

1.1 Elaphe carinata 2019 ph double het t+ and albino, $1150 pair
1.0 Elaphe carinata “High black” Adult male proven breeder $680
0,1 Western Forest File Snake (Gonionotophis poensis) 200 grams $550
15x CBB20 Thamnophis sirtalis infernalis $160 each **GONE**
0.1 CB19 Philodryas baroni “Brown” $500
0.2 CB19 Philodryas baroni “Green” $500
1.1 CB19 Madagascarophis colubrinus *dark phase* $380/pair
1.0 WC19 Chironius fuscus $300
7.1 “Blue Crystal” Rhynchophis boulengeri babies (inside joke for the blue crystal part..BUT they will blue as heck) $1850 each. ONE MALE LEFT!! **Note babies from the pairing that produced these have turned blue in the past**

2.4 Crotaphytus bicinctores 1.2 for $600
1.2 Eurydactylodes occidentalis F2 late Cb’19 Male has a regenerated tail tip
$1960 Trio / $1350 pair
1.2 Strophurus taenicauda cb19 $800 pair GONE, $595 lone female.
1.1 Lucasium damaeum cb19 $700 pair
1.0 Nephrurus vertebralis cb18 proven breeder $460
1.1 Saltuarius cornutus CB20 $5760/pair
2.0 Phyllurus amnicola CB19 $380 each
1.1 Pachydactylus rangei $1000 pair GONE
1.2 Eublepharis satpuraensis CB19 $7300 or negotiable
0.0.2 Aeluroscalabotes felinus “Silver eyes” $985 each
X.X Pogona minor (many) CB20 $480 pair
1.2 Acanthosaura nathaliae PROVEN BREEDERS $1400 for all
0.0.5 Corytophanes cristatus CB20 $300 each
0.0.X Gowidon longirositris *SO AMAZING* unsexed babies, can be sexed to 80% accuracy $500 each
1.1 Anolis aequatorialis CB19 $1300
Geckoella nebulosa 1,1 $2200/subadult pair
Pachydactylus latirostris CB 2018 $860/adult pair
Strophurus ciliaris males $250/each
S.spinigerus males $180/each
S.williamsi $450/pair
Eublepharis angramainyu Choga Zanbil $700/ subadult female
E.angramainyu Ilam $400/ subadult female
Eublepharis fuscus babies $575/pair
E. hardwicki babies $550/pair
Ailuronyx trachyscopaeus babies $365 each
Saltuarius kateae CB 2019 $2650/pair
S.wyberba pair CB 2019 $1450 pair
Lepidodactylus lugubris $25/each (shipping is $25 for 5 as well)
R.auriculatus babies $165 each
Underwoodisaurus Milli babies CB 2020 $120 each
Tribolonotus gracillis CB 2020 0,0,6 $180 each
Hemisphaeriodon gerrardi babies $220 each
Tiliqua scincoides intermedia babies $600 each
Nephrurus wheeleri cinctus babies $220 each
N.amyae babies $750 each
6.8 Sphaerodactylus sputator $50/each
2.2 Podarcis s. campestris subadults $95/each
5x Lacerta schreiberi **nice when adults** $180 each

0.3 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis poss het patternless albino CB 2019 $1850 each $5100 all
0.1 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis patternless albino CB 2019 $3500
2.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis Poss het patternless albino CB 2019 $450 each $1000 all
1.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis het albino poss Het patternless CB 2017 $600
2.1 Nephrurus asper CB2019 RTB $6500/pair $2200 for 1 male or $7600 for all 3
0.2 Nephrurus stellatus CB2015-2018 Proven breeder $2500 for one or $4500 for both

package offer:
1.1 Geckoella deccanensis and 1.1 Geckoella triedrus $985

Porcellio echinatus (spiny, Portugal) $65/10 pcs
Porcellio sp. “Morocco” (similar “Barbate”) $57/10 pcs
Porcellio sp. “Provence” $65/10 pcs
Porcellio sp. “Valencia” $57/10 pcs
Venezillo cf. canariensis (Fuerteventura) $57/10 pcs
Armadillidium alassiense $81/10 pcs
Armadillidium granulatum (Paxos) $41/10 pcs
Armadillidium vulgare T-minus Albino $65/10 pcs
Armadillidium vulgare “magic potion” $41/10 pcs
Armadillidium vulgare “Santa Lucia” $49/10 pcs
Armadillidium cf. frontirostre “giant, Croatia” $49/10 pcs
Armadillidium peraccae (Croatia, Krk) $49/10 pcs
Armadillidium cf. peraccae (“Sandstone”/Kotor) $65/10 pcs
Armadillidium cf. peraccae (Korfu, big) $49/10 pcs
Armadillidium corcyraeum $49/10 pcs
Armadillidium corcyraeum “silver” $114/10 pcs
Armadillidium klugii “Slano” $49/10 pcs
Armadillidium klugii “Dubrovnik” $57/10 pcs
Armadillidium gestroi $57/10 pcs
Armadillidium werneri $57/10 pcs
Armadillidium sp. “orange stripe” Sicily $73/10 pcs
Armadillidium maculatum “yellow” $179/10 pcs
Armadillidium sp. “Sicily 2” $81/10 pcs
Agabiformius lentus $49/50 pcs
Cubaris sp. “shiro utsuri $341/10 pcs
Cubaris sp. “panda king” $211/10 pcs
Cubaris sp. “white side” $195/10 pcs
Cubaris sp. “Ao Nang” $162/10 pcs
(ISOPOD SHIPPING IS $25 per culture, 4+ cultures are $15. 5% duty fee applies on animal value)

As always, shipping is extra, + 5% on animal value. Please check out our Services Page for more information. Full payment will be required mid-June.

Contact for info

RARE OFFER!!!! Boiga dendrophila melanota pair

A crazy opportunity popped up for me soooooooo… looking to sell my project.

1.0 Sumatran caught Hypermelanistic/Axanthic WC Boiga d. melanota (YES he is melanota, photo shown of an example of a Sumatran high banded melanota)
0.1 Malaysian B.d.melanota ready to breed next year
1.0 Malaysian B.d.melanota, CBB19 also available. missing part of tail due to surgical removal. A+++ otherwise

Female recently started taking air thawed rodents left overnight in a bowl, I leave 2 live fuzzy mice in for extra enticement. Male eats live fuzzy mice in a bowl(8 of them). Has eaten the odd air thawed mouse with live fuzzies

**B.d.dendrophila are NOT found in Sumatra. Only Java. Sumatran melanota have high bands, similar to my male, however majority do not connect 🙂 I can assure he is melanota. Screenshot photo shown is a Sumatran to show band example

Asking $1600 for the pair, $250 for the small male. $1800 for all 3
Shipping to EU, USA and in Canada is possible

Contact for info


All ads below this line are no longer available

Contact for info

1.1 Enyalius iheringii

I’ll be 100% honest, I have no idea what these are other than Iguanids, but they are gorgeous. 1.1 available, one is patterened, one is patternless.

For the right keeper who wants to establish this EU line in North America


$4500CAD or $3150USD shipping included from EU to me.
Nationwide shipping and export is extra

Contact for info

1.2 Ptenopus garrulus

HELLA NICE!!! Rare, uncommon, GORGEOUS CBB P. garrulus. Fabulous, easy to keep species

$1600CAD or $1130USD for the 1.2

Shipping from EU to me included

Nationwide shipping or Export to USA is extra

Contact for info

Bulls and Beauties

Animal cost, EU to me shipping and 5% duty fee included in price below. Nationwide shipping and export to USA is extra

1.0 Hypo 100% het. Axantic poss. Het.albino $715CAD

1.2 kingsville red 100% het. Axantic 66% het patternless 1.2 for $980CAD

1.0 hypo Whitesided $710CAD

0.1 Trumbower Hybino 100% het. Whitesided $710CAD


2018 1.1 100% het. Star Lavender $950CAD,- for the pair!

2.2 Orthriophis/ Blue Beauty. 1.1 from the Netherlands and 1.1 from France.
1.1 $600CAD- 2.2 for $950CAD

Contact for info

Sonoran Rubidus!

2.0 Drymarchon m. rubidus – Sonoran white chins.

These are LEGAL ORIGIN wild caughts that have settled fairly well. Imported in from EU, eating thawed rats (not stat offered, must leave in enclosure), and settling well. One has a small nose rub healing from when they shipped over (big time nose rubbers in a bag, Dry people will know). Nose rubber one is pretty mean. Other one is much more shy.

$1900CAD or $1350USD each
Nationwide shipping or USA export is extra
Ready immediately! Already in Canada

Will consider reasonable offers or a discount on both.

There will also be 2 more available once they gain more weight.

Contact for info


A few highlight worthy “newer” morphs of some species!

EU to me shipping is included in price. Nationwide is extra

Armadillidium maculatum “yellow” – 15x / $135CAD
Armadillidium depressum “Magic potion” – 15x / $180CAD

many more species as well! PM or email 🙂

Contact for info

Leopard Gecko package

Following sub adult – adults Leopards available

1.0 High Contrast Tremper Albino **MUCH brighter in person**
0.1 Extreme Emerine
1.0 Super Snow

Morphs we are not 100% sure on (Originally bought as “wholesale morphs”)
1.0 Enigma poss Eclipse?? Enigma something for sure

1.0 Super Snow Paradox/Chimera something. WEIRD BOY. Hatched out Super Snow and then developped bright yellow and orange tail stripes. Head and tail has snow pattern

1.0 Normal ?
0.1 Normal
0.1 Tangerine poss other?
0.1 Patternless Carrot Tail

Asking $780CAD for ALL or best reasonable offer. You are essentially only buying the first 3 morphs, rest free at this price!
Nation wide shipping is extra

Contact for info

Strophurus spinigerus

2.2 GORGEOUS S. spinigerus for a STEAL.

$700CAD for the trio, EU to Canada shipping included.

Nationwide shipping is extra

Contact for info

Lady Baroni’s

Need some girls to spice up the collection?
0.1 adult proven breeder green (from green x blue parents)
Bred 1 time last year $980CAD/$690USD shipping included from EU to me

0.1 brown ready to breed next season, 3 yrs old $1150CAD/$805USD shipping incl. EU to me

0.1 blue 2019 $1150CAD/$805USD shipping incl. EU to me

**We are attempting to get these in for the end of May shipment,if borders prevent this due to COVID, they will be on our next one this summerish**

Nationwide shipping and Export is extra

Contact for info

2.2 Elaphe carinata yonaguniensis

CBB19 Japanese King Rat Snakes! (CBB18 sibling shown in photo, can show actual available babies in pm)

$3800CAD/pair or $2680USD shipping included from EU to me. Nationwide shipping and Export to USA is extra

Shipment is to land around end of May

Contact for info

1.0 Nephrurus asper

A lonely bachelor right here in Canada looking for a home! 🙂


Contact for info

Boiga dendrophila gemmicincta BABIES

2.3 CUTE CBB19 Sulawesi Black Mangroves! Some are eating overnight on their own, and a couple still assist feeding(with ease!)

$480 each, or the whole lot for $445 each EU to me shipping included. Nationwide shipping and export is extra.

mom is pictured below

Contact for info

Feeder Frogs!

Need some frogs for your amphibian eaters?
Shipping from EU to me included. Nationwide is extra. Landing in approximately 2-3 weeks

*small feeders* Occidozyga lima $4 each minimum 10x frogs. Discount on 50x
*med-large feeders* Rhacophorus leucostmax $6.35 each min 10x frogs. Discount on 50x

House geckos also available
$3 each min 20x

*O. lima pictured. STOCK IMAGE FROM GOOGLE*

Contact for info

Lovely Podacris and Lacerta

Unsexed CBB juvi’s of the following BEAUTIFUL little lizards. Parents are pictured

Pricing includes 5% and shipping from EU to me. Nationwide shipping and Export is extra. Shipment is to arrive in 2-3 weeks approximately

5x Podarcis s. siculus $225 each or $200 each for 3+
5x Podarcis s. campestris $180 each or $150 each for 3+
5x Podarcis s. klemmeri **RARE and GORGEOUS blue** $250 each or $220 each for 3+

5x Lacerta schreiberi $220 each or $190 each for 3+
10x Lacerta trilineata $200 each or $180 each for 3+

Contact for info

MORE Geckos!

EU to Toronto, Ontario shipping included. Nationwide shipping or export is extra.

Pricing is in CAD, due to land in approximately 2 weeks

2.1 Chondrodactylus angulifer CB 2019 (orange/red) $1580/pair $500 male $1900/all
1.0 Teratoscincus keyserlingii CB 2019 $550CAD
3.1 Nephrurus asper CB2019 $6600/pair $1800 male $9200 for all
2,2 Nephrurus vertebralis CB 2019 $1800/pair $750 male, $2800 for all
0.2 Nephrurus stellatus CB2015-2018 $2600for one or $4300 for both
1.1 Nephrurus laevissimus CB 2019 $2300/pair

Contact for info

The “I dont even know, it’s just crazy” list

Beautiful, rare, true CBB lizards. Some of these are just..WOW

EU to Toronto, Ontario shipping included. Nationwide shipping or export is extra.

Pricing is in CAD

1,0 Saltuarius salebrosus CB16 – $780
2,0 Saltuarius wyberba CB18/19 – $700 each
1,0 Saltuarius moritzi CB 18 – $1000

1,1 Nephrurus wheeleri wheeleri CB19 – $1550/pair
1,2 Geckoella jeyporensis CB19 – $4300 trio
1,1 Geckoella decannensis CB17 breeding pair – $700 pair

1,2 Chondrodactylus angulifer CB20 – $1600/trio
3,3 Palmatogekko rangei – $880 pair
0,3 Ptenopus garrulus maculatus – $680 each female – $1650 all

1,0 Underwoodisaurus Milli CB19 – $120

1,1 Hypsilurus magnus CB18 – $1700 pair

2,2 Gowidon longirostris CB19*PARENTS PICTURED* – $1550 per pair. (Australian long nosed dragon, RARE!)
1,0 Rankinia diemensis – $950
2,0 Amphibolurus muricanus – $700 each

1,3 Anolis gemmosus – $1550 group
0,1 Anolis fraseri – $1100
0,1 Enyailoides preastabilis – $1850

0,1 Egernia cygnitos CB17 – $5100

Contact for info

1.0 Gonyosoma oxycephalum

Stellar adult male Red Tail Green Rat Snake!! LTC and you would think a gorgeous CBB specimen with this look!

$400CAD landed in Toronto
Nationwide shipping available via Reptile Express

Contact for info

Nephrurus Mania!!

Nephrurus!!!! This potential is due to land in approximately 2 weeks. EU to Toronto Shipping is included in price. Pricing is in CAD, email or PM for conversion or check Paypal.

Nationwide shipping with Reptile Express

Added twist. $40 of every Nephrurus sale will go towards conservation efforts (Undecided to which at this time)

4.2 Nephrurus stellatus
$4000 for a pair with the darker and a little bit smaller female
$4450 for a pair with the almost adult and extreme yellow female;
$1200 lone male

3.1 Nephrurus wheeleri wheeleri $2200 pair, male $600
1.1 Nephrurus amyae $2200 pair
1.1 Nephrurus laevissimus $2200 pair

For the list below, females MUST go with at least 1 male

2.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis patternless, het albino CB 2019 $1750 each $2600 all

1.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis Albino Het patternless CB 2019 $2200

1.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis het albino poss Het patternless CB 2017 $600

3.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis het albino, het patternless CB 2019 SOLD

3.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis Poss het patternless albino CB 2019 $450 each $1000 all

0.1 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis patternless albino CB 2019 $3500

0.3 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis poss het patternless albino CB 2019 $1850 each $5100 all

Contact for info

1.2 Lampropeltis zonata multicincta

1.1 is 9 years old, is 0.1 3 years Both girls did breed and lay this year.

$1550CAD/trio landed to me.

RE is extra, USA export is extra as well

Contact for info

1.1 Strophrurus ciliaris

CBB19 pair of Strophrurus ciliaris available!

$850CAD shipped from EU to me!

Reptile Express is extra

Contact for info

0.1 Pantherophis bairdi

Adult female Bairds Rat! GORGEOUS girl!!
$425CAD shipped from EU to me. Reptile Express shipping is extra

we do export to USA!

shipment is coming in 2-3 weeks

Contact for info

1.0 Senticolis triaspis intermedia

Gorgeous CB19 male Green Rat Snake (Box Canyon, AZ locale)

$585CAD Shipped from EU to me. Nationwide shipping is extra.

USA export is possible. Check out our Services page for the flat rate fee

Contact for info

1.1 Pseudelaphe flavirufa flavirufa

Gorgeous young pair of Anery/het Anery Night Snakes!! One of my favorite North American species.

$600CAD for the pair shipping included from EU to me. STELLAR deal 🙂

Reptile Express shipping is extra. We ship to USA as well!

Shipment is due to land in 2-3 weeks time, short term payment plan is possible

Contact for info

1.0 Hemorrhois ravergieri

Young male H.ravergieri for sale! Fairly uncommon species in Canada and USA still. Females are possible later in the year

$250CAD shipped from EU to me.

We use Reptile Express nationwide and can ship to the USA (please check Services page) Snakes are due to land in 2-3 weeks time

Contact for info

0.1 Gonionotophis poensis

CBB17 female Gonionotophis poensis! A rare treat to see these CBB and eating rodents!

$925CAD for her shipping included from EU to me. RE is extra nationwide, and we do export to USA! (Check services page for export cost)

Shipment is estimated to land 2-3 weeks from now, payment plan is possible

Contact for info

1.0 B. subocularis

1,0 Proven Breeder CBB12 Trans-Pecos Rat Snake,Blond Phase
(Bogertophis subocularis) $500CAD SHIPPED from EU to Ontario, Canada (me). RE shipping is extra nationwide. USA is possible, but please check out Services page for info on export.

This snake would be landing in around 2-3 weeks time.

Contact for info

DH Albino Calico O.t.taeniurus

1.3 DH Albino Calicos available. 1.2 are CBB19 0.1 is CBB18 🙂

Visual is not available. Hets only
Pricing in CAD

1.3 for $1000 landed in Toronto
1.2 for $705 landed in Toronto
0.1 for $380 landed in Toronto

Hoping to see these guys in under 3 weeks

Contact for info

Lizards and Amphibs and Inverts Oh MY!

We are working on a side shipment from one seller 🙂 Here is the current list of availability.

Prices are subject to change at any time as the exchange rate is a bit wonky with the current COVID situation. If the change is severe, this will be reflected on your invoice for final payment.
Photos are sample photos / actual animals from seller. I will try and get photos if required of others, but no promise I can get photos of each. He is very busy so it may be difficult.

25% is required to hold. Due date is TBD. Assume June-July. Shipping costs are below the list of animals.
“Several avail” means 5-15 available. “Many available” Means 15+ available.
Ones without a comment will be 5 or less available *If sex isnt shown

USA is welcome on the order!! Pricing is in CAD.
$1CAD = $0.75USD

Sex: Species:
♂♀♀♀ Ailuronyx tachyscopaeus CB 2018 $1550CAD/all
Ailuronyx tachyscopaeus CB 2020 $300CAD
♂♀ Calotes calotes CB 2020 $1350CAD/pair, yes, expensive but TRUE CBB!!!!! rarity
♂♀ Calotes versicolor WC 03/20 $150CAD/pair
♂♀ Chondrodactylus angulifer Namib CB 2019 $1280CAD/pair
♂ Chondrodactylus angulifer 2 last animals CB 2020 $260CAD each
♂♀ Corytophanes hernandesii WC 03/20 $600CAD/pair
♂♀♀ Crotaphytus melanomaculatus Last 2 trios available WC 03/20 $1700CAD/trio
♀ Crotaphytus melanomaculatus WC 03/20 $600CAD
♂♀ Eublepharis angramainyu Choga Zanbil CB 2019 $985CAD/pair
♂♀ Eurydactylodes occidentalis CB 2019 $1200CAD/pair
♂♀ Gastropholis prasina CB 2019 $650CAD/pair
♂♀ Geckoella nebulosa CB 2019 $2500CAD/pair
♂♀ Geckoella triedrus CB 2019 $1350CAD/pair
♂♀ Gonatodes concinnatus WC 03/20 $350CAD/pair(many avail)
♂♀ Gonatodes humeralis WC 03/20 $350CAD/pair (many avail)
♂♀ Lamprolepis smaragdina CB 2018 $485CAD/pair
♂ Microlophus peruvianus $140CAD
Mniarogecko chahoua Mainland CB 2020 $585CAD
♂♀ Nephrurus amyae CB 2019 $2150CAD/pair
♂♀ Nephrurus deleani CB 2018 $1400CAD/pair
♂♀ Nephrurus deleani CB 2019 $1180CAD/pair
♂♀ Nephrurus vertebralis CB 2018 $1580CAD/pair
♂♀ Nephrurus vertebralis CB 2019 $1280CAD/pair
♂ Nephrurus wheeleri ssp. wheeleri CB 2019 $400CAD
♂♀ Oplurus cyclurus WC 03/20 $160CAD/pair
♂♀ Oplurus quadrimaculatus WC 03/20 $140CAD/pair
♂♀ Pachydactylus latirostris CB 2019 $950CAD/pair
Pachydactylus latirostris 3 last babies CB 2020 $300CAD each
♂♀ Paroedura stellata **AMAZING** CB 2019 $1300CAD/pair
Phyllurus amnicola CB 2019 $550CAD each
Phyllurus caudiannulatus CB 2019 $700CAD each
♀ Plica plica WC 01/20 $135CAD
♂ Plica umbra WC 01/20 $135CAD
♂♀ Polychrus marmoratus WC 12/19 $380CAD/pair
♂♀ Polychrus peruvianus $3000CAD/pair
♂♀ Potamites ecpleopus Adults WC 12/19 $550CAD/pair
Potamites ecpleopus Babies CB 2019 $160CAD each
♂♀ Potamites spec. aff. erythrocularis CB 2019 $800CAD/pair
♂♀ Saltuarius kateae CB 2019 $3000CAD/pair
♂♀ Saltuarius wyberba CB 2019 $1800CAD/pair
♂♀ Sceloporus cyanogenys CB 2020 $280CAD/pair
♂♀ Sceloporus malachiticus WC 03/20 $115CAD/pair
♂♀ Sceloporus variabilis WC 03/20 $65CAD/pair (Many avail)
♂♀ Stenocercus chlorostictus *GORGEOUS MALES* $700CAD/pair (Many avail)
♂♀ Stenocercus empetrus $1350CAD/pair
♂♀ Stenocercus eunetopsis *SUPER rare* $1550CAD/pair
♂♀♀♀♀♀ Stenocercus fimbriatus Juveniles WC 12/19 $2450CAD/all
♂♀ Stenocercus huancabambae $750CAD/pair
♂♀ Stenocercus imitator $450/pair(May be sold out, please contact)
♂ Stenocercus iridescens Adults $120CAD each(many avail)
♂♀ Stenocercus melanopygus $760CAD/pair (many avail)
♂♀ Strophurus ciliaris CB 2019 $940CAD/pair
♂♀ Strophurus spinigerus CB 2019 $700CAD/pair
♂♀ Strophurus taenicauda CB 2019 $900CAD/pair
♂♀ Strophurus williamsi CB 2019 $600CAD/pair
Strophurus williamsi CB 2020 $250CAD each
♂♀ Tracheloptychus petersi WC 03/20 $85CAD each
Underwoodisaurus milli CB 2020 $180CAD each
♂ Xenagama taylori Red form CB 2019 $325CAD

Amphibians **Discount on multiples**
Boana punctata CB 2020 $180CAD each
Cruziohyla craspedopus FB 2020 $150CAD each (many avail)
♂♂♀ Dendropsophus ebraccatus WC 03/20 $295CAD/trio
Dendropsophus leucophyllatus $75 each
Dendropsophus parviceps FB 2020 $285CAD each
♂♂♀ Dendropsophus reticulatus FB 2020 $585CAD/trio
Dendropsophus reticulatus Brown FB 2020 $95 each (many avail)
Dendropsophus reticulatus Yellow FB 2020 $100 each (many avail)
Dendropsophus reticulatus White FB 2020 $100 each (many avail)
Dendropsophus sarayacuensis FB 2020 $85 each (many avail)
Dendropsophus sarayacuensis “Gold” FB 2020 $180CAD each
♂♂♀ Dendropsophus triangulum FB 2020 $580CAD/trio
Dendropsophus triangulum Yellow FB 2020 $100 each (many avail)
Dendropsophus triangulum White FB 2020 $100 each (many avail)
♀ Ecnomiohyla valancifer WC 12/19 $265CAD each (some avail)
Gastrotheca peruana CB 2019 $135CAD each (many avail)
Gastrotheca peruana CB 2020 $100CAD each(may avail)
Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni $50CAD each (several avail)
♂♂♀? Kaloula pulchra $100CAD/for 3
Litoria caerulea $25CAD each
Phyllomedusa bicolor $120CAD each (Several avail)
Phyllomedusa tomopterna $75CAD each (several avail)
Phyllomedusa vaillanti $120CAD each (many avail)
Rana signata $50CAD each (several avail)
♂♀ Rhinella margaritifera $180CAD/pair (several avail)
Scaphiophryne madagascariensis $45CAD each (several avail)
Smilisca phaeota $85CAD each
Theloderma asperum $125CAD each
Theloderma auratum $95CAD each(several avail)
Theloderma corticale $95CAD each(Several avail)
Theloderma gordoni $265CAD
Theloderma lateriticum $85CAD each (Several avail)
Theloderma licin $75CAD each
Theloderma nebulosum $165CAD each (several avail)
Theloderma palliatum $45CAD each (Several avail)
Theloderma ryabovi $150CAD each (many avail)
Trachycephalus resinifictrix $45CAD each
Triprion (Anotheca) spinosus CB 2019 $135CAD each

Acanthoscurria ferina $75 each (several avail)
Avicularia avicularia $75 each (several avail)
Avicularia huriana $150CAD each
Avicularia merianae $85CAD each (several avail)
Avicularia urticans $85CAD (several avail)
Cyrioscomus ritae $100CAD each
Cyrioscomus sellatus $85CAD each
Hommoemma spec. $85CAD each
Megaphonea velvetosoma $85CAD each
Thrixopelma cyaneum $75CAD each (Several avail)
Alipes multicostis $40CAD each
Scolopendra galapagensis $350CAD each (Several avail)
Scolopendra gigantea $320CAD each (several avail)
Scolopendra subspinipes ssp. dehaani $85CAD each
Scolopendra subspinipes ssp. mutilans $45CAD each
Scolopendra viridicornis(robusta) $180CAD each(Several avail)

Shipping for this list will be the following from EU to me:

Medium to large lizards
1@ $135
2@ $230
3@ $255
4+ @ $85 each

Small lizards
1@ $115
2@ $200
3@ $235
4+ @ $65 each

Flat rate of $50 each up to 5. Then 6+ at $40 each

Flat rate of $35 each. 10+ at $25 each

5% is required on top of animal value.

** Partial to full refund on animal cost is possible if DOA from EU to me. All refunds will be void once shipped out to the customer. Please also check out TOS for more information. (Shipping to customers is extra via Reptile Express International. USA export is $250CAD flat rate up to a 16x11x9 box)

Shipment will be for early to mid summer.

Contact for info

3.2 Boiga dendrophila melanota

3.2 CBB 01/20 Mangrove Snakes. These little beasts are already eating on their own! I consider melanota one of the best “first” dendrophila complex species to keep, and really of the entire genus.

$580 each or 2 for $550 each

5% Canada Customs duty fee required on top of animal value
Shipping is $30 per snake from Europe to me

Contact for info

ImperatorMorphs LIST

Probably one of my favorite boa breeders to work with! Tim Eisel over in Germany has dialed in his morphs to be something EXTRAVAGANT. These, high end, high quality boas will certainly add a zing to your collection.

Please understand that shipping is TO BE DETERMINED due to the Coronavirus and airlines putting live cargo to a halt for now. We hope to get this going by the summer.

20% non refundable deposit is required to hold.

Germany to Ontario shipping cost is the following:
Babies: $100
2-3 year old $125
Adults $185
5% of animal value for Canada Customs fee

discount on shipping for multiples.

“IMP” is ImperatorMorph line. Not his morph per say, but fine tuned via line breeding for exceptional color

**VERY IMPORTANT** Exchange rate may fluctuate! If significant enough, the change will be applied to final payment. There will be a 10% discount for full snake payment upfront, and probably the safest bet to not gamble with the exchange rate.

No sexes marked = multiple sexes available. This can change quickly
More photos to come once I get them

Adult boas:

1,0 Albino Leopard **PM for pricing. Unknown at this time**

1,0 Leopard het Albino **PM for pricing. Unknown at this time**

1,0 Albino Motley het Leopard **PM for pricing. Unknown at this time**

1,0 IMP Albino het Blood CB16 $4,000CAD

1,0 Sunglow het Blood CB16 $4,750CAD

1,0 Albino Motley het Blood CB16 **PM for pricing. Unknown at this time**

CB 2018:

1,0 Motley het VPI Snow $825CAD

1,0 Hypo Motley het VPI Snowglow $975CAD

0,1 Motley het VPI $585CAD

1,1 Key West Motley het VPI $2,900CAD each

0,1 Key West Hypo Motley het VPI $3,180CAD

1,0 Sunglow het Leopard $1,380CAD

1,1 Hypo Motley het Albino poss Blood $585CAD each

1,1 Sunglow RLT KW het Moonglow $2,420CAD each

1,1 Hypo RLT KW het Moonglow $1,450CAD each

0,1 RLT KW het Snow $1,300CAD

CB 2019:

1,0 VPI Snowglow $6,150CAD

0,1 Anery het VPI Snow $1,250CAD

Ghost het. VPI Snowglow $1,580CAD

VPI Sunglow het. Snowglow $1,600CAD

1,0 VPI het. Snow $1,300CAD

0,1 Hypo het. VPI Snowglow $820CAD

0,1 DH VPI Snow $650CAD

1,1 Hypo Jungle het. VPI $1,150CAD each

0,1 Jungle het. VPI $800CAD

1,0 Lipstick Red Dragon $11,580CAD

1,1 Lipstick Sun Dragon 1.0 $13,500 / 0.1 $12,400CAD

0,1 Lipstick Sunglow het Blood $4,200CAD

0,1 Lipstick Albino het Blood $3,400CAD

0,1 Blood het. Lipstick Albino $3,400CAD

1,0 Blood Motley het Lipstick Albino $5,240CAD

0,1 Hypo Blood het. Lipstick Albino $4,450CAD

1.1 TH Lipstick Sun Dragon $1,250CAD each

1,0 DH Lipstick Red Dragon $820CAD

0,1 IMP Sunglow het. Leopard $1,250CAD

1,1 IMP Albino het Leopard 550 $925CAD each

0,1 IMP Aztec het. VPI het Leopard $6,050CAD

0,1 IMP Hytec het. Habanero aka het VPI Sunglow Leopard $7,250CAD

0,1 IMP TH Habanero aka VPI Sunglow Leopard $3,880CAD

0,1 IMP DH VPI Leopard $2,620CAD

IMP Quad Het Lipstick Sun Dragon Leopard $2,925CAD

1,0 IMP Triple Het Lipstick Red Dragon Leopard $1,980CAD

Moonglow Motley $1,800CAD

IMP Eclipse het. Albino $2,200CAD

IMP Hypo Eclipse het. Albino $2,850CAD

IMP Sunclipse $4,050CAD

IMP Albino Eclipse $2,560CAD

Hypo Leopard het. Albino $2,050CAD

IMP Albino Leopard $1,880CAD

0,1 IMP Sunglow Leopard $2,920CAD

1,0 IMP Motley het. Albino Leopard $660CAD

IMP Hypo Motley het. Sunglow Leopard $985CAD

IMP Leopard het. Albino $1,140CAD

IMP Albino het. Leopard $1,080CAD

0,1 Labyrinth Motley het VPI $6,050CAD

Contact for info

0.3 PARTHO Rainbow Whiptails

3 female Cnemidophorus lemniscatus available!! They may not have the crazy colors like males do, but these 3 gals come from a parthenogenetic population! These mini “tegu-like” lizards make for a great display. “Males” **CAN** come from babies, but majority would be female clone.

1 google photo and 1 actual photo of one available

$75CAD for 1, $60CAD each for all 3
$57USD for 1, $45USD each for all 3

Contact for info

3x Ptyas fusca SOLD

Only today! THREE immaculate P.fusca! Incredibly uncommon snakes. Still small, and doing well 🙂

$525CAD for 1, or $495 each for all 3
$395USD for 1, or $375 each for all 3

Contact for info

0.0.3 RED Ackies

REAL. GORGEOUS. ON FIRE Red Ackies!!!!!!

3 unsexed (Can be sexed to best of ability once they arrive)
True, Red Ackies coming from the UK on March 10th!!! Reserve your Red now 🙂

Adults and juvi’s in photos are related to babies available, for a good idea of color as they age

$865CAD/each landed in Ontario.This includes UK to Canada shipping/Duty fee/CITES
Or all 3 for $815CAD each

Shipping across Canada is extra.

Contact for info

1.1 CBB Albino E. carinata

1.1 “unrelated” (Russia and NL produced) Albino King Rat Snakes!

$1300CAD/$975USD for the pair + shipping

Contact for info

2.2 CBB Pseustes poecilonotus

Pseustes(Phrynonax) poecilonotus $2350CAD/$1762pair (EU to Canada shipping included)

Gorgeous, arboreal and uncommon colubrids!

nationwide or USA export is extra

Contact for info

Caribbean Delights!

EU to Canada shipping included!!!

Awesome animals from Sint Maarten

Sphaerodactylus sputator $70CAD/$52.50USD each
Sphaerodactylus parvus $160CAD/$120USD each
Anolis gingivinus $50CAD/$37.50USD each
Anolis pogus $50CAD/$37.50USD each
Thecadactylus oskrobapreinorum $285CAD/$214USD each
Ameiva pleii $260CAD/$195USD each

Photo credit to Reptiles4All, of some actual animals that come in

Contact for info

1.1 Boiga cyanea *BLUE GOODNESS*

1.1 2016/2017 Proven breeding pair of Green Cat Snakes. Male has a blue head/neck with a tone of grey/green.
$1350CAD/ $1015USD for the 2
add an unrelated 0.1 CB19 B cyanea for an additional $200 (assist fed, or frog “globbed” live pinks work)

Shipping is extra (check out our services page!)

Contact for info

x.x.20 Acanthosaura nataliae

This is going to be one of the last few we will be posting up.

WC Acanthosaura nataliae. These won’t be touching hands of careless people and should be coming in, in fairly good shape! They will be unsexed until our seller has them in hand, so we are selling as unsexed with a “wishlist” of sex.

Photos are from google!! – NOT actual animals coming but a great representation of the species. Unfortunately no photos of actual animals until they are in hands of seller.

1-2 for$280CAD/$210USD each
3-5 for $250CAD/$187USD each
6+ $220CAD/ $165USD each

Shipping special of $50 each from EU to Canada, + the usual 5% Canada Customs fee

Contact for info

2.1 Boiga dendrophila dendrophila


This is what I call…. “I’m an idiot” offer. I REALLY need these gone for space, so here is a ridiculously good availability.

2.1 CBB19 Gold Ring Cat Snakes for $650CAD/$487USD for the pair and a free male! No EU shipping, no 5% Canada customs duty fee. Just nationwide shipping or export to the USA.

Add one Boiga ceylonensis on for $80CAD/60USD!!!

Contact for info

33x R.auriculatus

Bulk offer!

33x Gargoyle Geckos. Various stripes, spotted, oranges, red, you name it!

$7260CAD/$5445USD LANDED in Canada for all

that is $220CAD each or $165USD each

Export to USA or nationwide Canadian shipping is extra

Contact for info

1.1 CBB19 Egernia epsisolus

1.1 CBB19 Egernia epsisolus! Lovely little Spiny Skinks and extremely uncommon!

$7,900CAD/ pair

shipping is extra

Contact for info

1.0 LTC Malpolon insignitus fuscus

An incredibly smart, active colubrid. These guys demand space and have a striking personality to boot! Can’t be boring with these.

Photo is just a classic example of this unique species!

$400CAD/$300USD shipping to Canada

Export to USA /Nationwide shipping is extra

Contact for info

1.2 CBB19 Boiga dendrophila divergens

GORGEOUS CBB Polillo Mangrove available!! This price is OUT OF THIS WORLD for this species. Grab em while on discount
Hatched out September 2019
1.2 for $3600CAD/$2700USD

Shipping EU to Canada is included. Export/Nationwide shipping is extra

Contact for info

1,1 Adult Sulawesi Black Mangrove

LTC Breeding pair of Boiga d gemmicincta!

$1180CAD/ $885USD for the pair landed in Canada

Add an unrelated 1.0 CB19 baby for $200CAD/$150USD with a pair!

Baby on his own is $300CAD/$225USD

Contact for info

3x CBB19 Chrysopelea ornata ornatissima

Gorgeous baby TRUE captive born and bred Ornate flying snakes.

Feeding on Mourning Geckos (or other small lizards) currently but easily switch and do well on rodent diets.

$1300CAD/$975USD for all 3, shipping and export extra please check out our Services page)

Contact for info

5.2 Dinodon rufozonatum HET RED PIED/LEUCISTIC

1.1 – $302CAD or $220USD
1.0 – $138CAD or $100USD

Shipping is extra

Contact for info

4.1 Dinodon rufozonatum ALBINO

Hella nice Albino Dinodon! CBB from some of the best 🙂 Eating rodents with gutso!

$670CAD or $480USD for a pair

Extra males are $300CAD or $220USD

Hets are available, feel free to inquire! 🙂

Contact for info

0.1 Boiga nigriceps Java locale

GORGEOUS proven breeder Javan locality nigriceps. This opportunity doesnt present itself all to often

$400CAD or $300USD + shipping /export (Check out our Services page for info)

Contact for info

1.1 Sulawesi B. irregularis *CANADA ONLY*

1.1 Sulawesi locality Boiga irregularis
Also proven breeders! Female is LTC, male is CBB with small partial tail missing (surgically removed, nothing genetic and 100% can breed)

$1200CAD + shippiing (Check out our services page for info!)

Contact for info

1.1 B.d.dendrophila Axanthic PROVEN BREEDER

CBB 1.1 Boiga dendrophila dendrophila. Male is possible het Axanthic, female is visual Axanthic. Both are proven breeders 🙂

$1200CAD/ $900USD for the pair + shipping (Check Services page)

Contact for info

1.1 Boiga cynodon PROVEN PAIR

CBB B. cynodon.
Male is het melanistic, female is visual melanistic… THIS is truly a rare, amazing offer!! Female has a permanent nose rub unfortunately. Very active girl and caused some issues.

$1750CAD/ $1325USD for the pair shipping from EU to Canada/USA is extra (Check out our Services page)

Contact for info

3x Guerrero Drymarchon melanurus rubidus

LAST CALL for new blood lineage

Gorgeous Guerrero rubidus! I had a small batch come last time and colors were out of this world! Ranging from light pink to dark red on black.

$1850CAD each or $1500USD each (shipping included for EU to Canada)

Any sex you need is available. 3 left (I have several coming, and can get whatever sex from it)

We also were offered an adult male WC White Throat rubidus with part of his tail missing (no effect on hemipenes) $1400CAD/$1050 for him, plus shipping (Last 2 photos)

**They will be wild caught, (legal with permit proof if you need to see), so buyer is at full risk of wild caught standards. They have come in fine in the past, and should be good but I cannot guarantee any refunds or replacements from the seller due to the sensitivity of WC individuals during shipment.

Contact for info

8 CBB STELLAR Tiliqua nigrolutea babies

CUTE and uncommon CBB Tiliqua nigrolutea babies!!!!

$4300CAD/$3250USD each landed in Canada

Nationwide shipping is extra

Contact for info

1.1 Gonyosoma frenatum TURQUOISE

1.1 pair of CBB19 G. frenatum. From gorgeous turquoise blue parents (Photos in ad)

Babies are still grey, slowly going through color change 🙂


$850CAD/$640USD for the pair (shipping from EU is extra)

Contact for info

4.5 Liolaemus zapallarensis

If someone gets a pair…please name the male Frank Zappa!

$3,175CAD/$2380USD per pair LANDED in Canada

USA export and nationwide shipping is extra

Contact for info

Trusted Partnership

We ONLY use Reptile Express International for all of our shipping needs